Michelle Pfeiffer told her devoted followers that she would not be attending the Critics’ Choice Awards as scheduled after testing positive for cocaine.

This turn of events had already disappointed the fans, but her announcement added new cause for worry.

The news of Michelle’s positive Covid test could have easily been announced with a picture attached. However, she opted to post a picture of actor Jeff Bridges instead, giving her followers the impression that Bridges had passed away.

By sharing a picture of her former co-star Jeff on social media, Michelle expressed her regret. Michelle was scheduled to abstain from the ceremony because Jeff was to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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I apologize for being unable to attend today’s Critics’ Choice Awards. Absolutely, Covid. I’m disappointed because I won’t be there to see @thejeffbridges accept his Lifetime Achievement Award, she wrote.

My stomach dropped when I first saw this, “Don’t scare me, I thought he passed away,” and “Every time someone posts a picture of a star, I always get really worried!” were some of the remarks made by fans in response to the picture.

Rita Wilson, the wife of Tom Hanks, wrote: “To which Rita replied, ‘Feeling better already, buddy,’ Michelle replied, ‘Feeling better already! Thanks!'” although Michelle remained mum regarding her current thoughts on Covid.

Fans have been baffled by Michelle’s decision to always walk outside with a mask on to avoid catching Covid.

“Are you still hiding your identity behind that mask for Covid or because you don’t want others to recognize you?” “I had to ask, why are you wearing that mask?” one person inquired as another commented.

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A third person asked in their note, “Why are you covering your face? Masks are not necessary, according to several people, however.

Supporters defended Michelle’s choice, with one of them saying: “The use of masks provides an additional measure of anonymity. Michelle did not respond to their inquiries. additionally some pollen resistance. “.