Jagger said of Watts, who passed away on August 25, “Outside of the band, you know, we used to hang around quite a bit and had exciting times. 24, 2021, at 80, from an unspecified illness.

The day after Charlie Watts’ passing, Mick Jagger pays tribute to him.

In a video posted on social media on Wednesday, Jagger honoured the late Rolling Stones drummer with a slideshow of Watts photos, the band’s 1974 hit “Until the Next Goodbye,” a voiceover from the singer, and a soundtrack of the band’s classical music.

Concerning Watts, who passed away on August 1, Jagger, 79, said, “I mourn Charlie because he had a tremendous sense of humour.”. 24, 2021, at 80 years old, following an unspecified illness.

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“We used to hang out outside the band and have a lot of fun. We were huge sports fans. We would participate in activities besides music, such as cricket and football games”.

However, he continued, “Of course, I miss Charlie a lot.

The caption was “Thinking of Charlie today,” according to Jagger.

This summer, The Rolling Stones finished their 60th-anniversary tour. The second set of performances without Watts on the drums came after the No Filter Tour, which ended last year.

On both tours, Steve Jordan filled in as the drummer. Veteran drummer Don McAulay put his drum key exactly where Watts had put it.

“Don McAulay, Charlie Watt’s ten-year drum technician, shows respect for Charlie by setting his drum key where Charlie always did before each performance. Happy birthday, Charlie! We miss you! “The band tweeted a video of McAulay.

The remaining Stones have been open about their sorrow over Watts’ passing, and Jagger even raised a glass in his honour on stage before their first performance without him in September 2021.

The singer told Rolling Stone the next month, “What he provided was this lovely sense of swing and swerve that most bands dream they could have.”. We had some fascinating discussions about the band’s recent history. We’ve all suffered a significant loss. It’s very challenging”.

Nevertheless, Richards claimed in March 2021 on CBS Sunday Morning that the band had been “surprised” by Watts’ passing.

He had battled cancer about a year earlier and prevailed. According to Richards, he just experienced a double blow. “May God have mercy on his soul”.

The Stones revealed to the Los Angeles Times in October 2021 that they had recorded new songs with Watts on drums before his passing, demonstrating how Watts’ music has endured.

You have yet to hear the last of Charlie Watts, Richards proclaimed.