Bence parents were speechless when they saw him for the first time. Their child was born with snow-white hair, and the parents had no idea why. That is why they suspected the child had albinism.

Every child is distinct from the others, which is a beautiful thing. We must recognise that every newborn born into this world is unique, regardless of hair colour, skin colour, or other features. When a baby is born, the only thing that matters is its health.

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Albinism affects approximately 5 out of every 100,000 children. This congenital condition causes a person’s skin, hair, and eyes to be entirely or partially pigmented.

Bence was born in a Hungarian town. He was born a typical child, weighing 5,400 kilos and measuring 54 cm.

However, parents were perplexed as to why their newborn was born with white hair. That’s why they began to be concerned about Bence. They assumed their son was sick.

Albinism is not a hazardous disease, but children with albinism are tormented at school because they are different. Other children do not understand that being different is not bad.

The physicians ran several tests, and the results arrived a few days later. Bence was a completely healthy child with very light-coloured hair. Doctors predicted that the baby’s hair would likely darken as he grew.

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This case was well publicised then, and specialists stated that Bence likely had a local loss of colour in his hair. Furthermore, Bence’s loss of colour may be transitory and will disappear as he grows older.

Doctors believe that Bence’s white hair results from a transient pigmentation issue. People with this syndrome are born with fair skin and light hair, but they darken over time.

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Bence’s parents were overjoyed and delighted to find their child. Also, they began to appreciate his white hair because it distinguished him. The parents uploaded some photos of Bence to the internet, and because he is so stunning, the images quickly went viral. People dubbed him “The Charming Prince,” which fits him well. Isn’t Bence a genuinely gorgeous and unique baby?