Despite the monster having been spotted and captured on camera in the Mississippi River, authorities have assured the public not to be alarmed.

What would you have done if you had been a few feet away from this massive animal in the water?

To find out how one woman reacted and why she didn’t think her story would become so well-known, continue reading.

Buffalo, Minnesota, is where Shala Holm was born. Shala discovered a sizable snapping turtle months ago, but it wasn’t until after that that her picture went viral.

The turtle’s head, which resembles Godzilla, is leading the way as its enormous claws reach into a fish net. The size difference between this turtle and others is immediately apparent from the image.

Mother and daughter are terrified by a river “monster” with massive “bear-like” claws.

This past summer, Shala spent time with her family at Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort close to Brainerd. Holm and her daughter were in a tandem kayak when they first spotted the animal.

“All of a sudden, my daughter told me to keep quiet. “I’m aware of breathing,” Holm remembered.

Turning to look for something more familiar at the shore, Holm was startled to see the turtle’s nose pointing towards a fish basket that hung from their kayak.

He sort of clawed onto it, she retorted. The size of him completely surprised us. ”.

The turtle swam away after Holm shook the basket to scare it off.

The next day, the mother and daughter went back there in their kayak to see if they could find it again so they could take a picture. They passed the time by fishing while they awaited the turtle’s arrival.

The pleasure of being in a kayak, in Holm’s opinion, is being so close to the water. Consequently, we were quite close.

The mother and daughter were pleasantly surprised to learn that the reptile in the water was a snapping turtle and that its legs were about the size of Holm’s wrists, despite their uncertainty about its exact size.

According to the state Department of Natural Resources, adult snapping turtles typically weigh between 10 and 35 pounds and measure between 8 and 14 inches in length. The largest turtle ever found was in Minnesota, and it was an impressive 65 pounds!

Shala sent the DNR the picture via email so they could get more information. The turtle was thought to be at least 15 years old and possibly up to 30.

Mother and daughter are terrified by a river “monster” with massive “bear-like” claws.

Shala’s picture quickly gained popularity after the resort’s owners decided to post it on their Facebook page. Owners of the resort Corby and Sheila Niemeyer have watched as the post has received tens of thousands of shares and almost a thousand comments. Sheila has been contacted by media outlets who are interested in the story.

The majority of them enquire, “Is this real? “. She made a statement. It is.

According to the resort’s owner, the location is north of Brainerd on a tranquil, leisurely section of the Mississippi. They frequently run into different types of local flora there.

Every June, a lot of turtles come up to the shore to lay their eggs, she said. One of our favorite activities is watching the turtles. It was therefore extremely strange to see one that large.

Although Sheila clarified that it’s not as dangerous as it seems, many Facebook users had advised staying away from the water.

She claimed that if someone took the time to carefully examine any lake or river, they would find a variety of things they had never given much thought to. You don’t find them bothersome. They would rather not be around you.

She is hoping that the popularity of the post will bring more guests to their resort.

Given their beliefs, I’m hoping there won’t be a problem. Oh my God, I won’t go there. I don’t want to swim with that, she declared. “In general, I don’t think you need to worry about it. However, seeing the wildlife is just breathtaking.

Snapping turtles are frequently misunderstood because they appear “scary” and defend themselves when they sense danger, according to Erica Hoaglund, a regional nongame wildlife specialist for the Minnesota DNR. She says they aren’t dangerous.

They feel most comfortable in the water and frequently make an effort to appear more terrifying on land where they feel more exposed. They may defend themselves out of fear, but they never engage in combat.

Hoaglund claims that all they want is to avoid being noticed and that if given the slightest chance, they will hide and flee.

Holm, who was the first person to see the enormous turtle, has not exhibited any signs of worry. She even stated that she planned to return to the resort to see her old friend.

She said, “I’m going to go back to that location and see if he or she is still around. ”.

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