Delete culture. Everyone is familiar with the expression. Consider the 2004 film White Girls, which Marlon Wayans directed, to see what it implies for earlier events.

This is a legitimate question in a society that looks for any justification to find something objectionable to one group or another: Would he have been able to release the same movie in 2023, in your opinion?

Because of this, Marlon Wayans has become an advocate against “cancel culture.”.

Movies like White Chicks, according to Marlon Wayans, are necessary for society.

Marlon discussed the entire movement and emphasized that, despite being in danger in a time when everything objectionable is quickly denounced, movies like “White Chicks” are more crucial than ever.

They are required, Wayans proclaimed. “I don’t know what planet we’re on where you think that people should not laugh and that laughter should be prohibited. Tragically, our culture has reached a point where we are unable to laugh. ”.

Wayans added, “I ain’t listen to this stupid generation. “I’m not listening to these executives or these scaredy-cat guys. Everybody is free to act however they want. Great. I’ll carry on making jokes the same way. If you want to make some money, join in as well. I’ll find a way to finish it on my own if you don’t, though.

Movies like White Chicks, according to Marlon Wayans, are necessary for society.

I understand who I’m speaking to.
Every time they come to one of my shows on the weekend, the audience always smiles and feels great. One characteristic of us is that Wayans has a history of telling the worst jokes in the best way.

You know who loves ‘White Chicks’ the most? White women, he said. That is how to determine whether a movie is good. When the intended audience laughs the hardest, the joke is successful. And it’s wonderful that everyone has an equal chance of committing a crime.

It was a wonderful examination of pop culture, gender, and ethnicity that was handled delicately enough for everyone to laugh. That’s what makes it a cult favorite even today, in my opinion. ”.

Movies like White Chicks, according to Marlon Wayans, are necessary for society.

The White Chicks actress shares the screen with Stranger Things’ Pariah Ferguson. He suggested she watch the FBI movie before the shooting started so she was familiar with the premise and the philosophy. He vowed to keep telling jokes the way he wanted to and insisted that he would. Wayans continued, “I don’t know what planet we’re on if you think people don’t need to laugh and that they should be repressed and silenced.”. If a joke gets me fired, I appreciate you doing me that favor. ”.

I’m aware of my audience. After seeing a magazine cover with Paris and Nicky Hilton, Marlon and his brother came up with the idea for the film White Chicks, he revealed on Instagram in 2021. The Wayans have always told the worst jokes in the funniest possible ways, Marlon remarked.

“Funny story one day, my brother Shawn calls me at three in the morning,” he wrote in the Instagram caption to describe the incident.

Movies like White Chicks, according to Marlon Wayans, are necessary for society.

Declaring, “Marlon, let’s play white chicks.”. A picture of him and Paris taken on Wednesday at FOX’s Tubi and TikTok Live Long-Form Reunion event in Los Angeles accompanied the statement. He advised that we play girls like this, according to Marlon, 48. ”.

“I quickly grasped it. They set the stage for pop culture parody and were enormous. To honor a special time in each of our lives, we made the film with the best of intentions, Marlon said. So I’d like to express my gratitude to Paris and Nicky for acting as my muses. I love love. When we film Whitechicks 2, let’s go shopping, the actor suggested. ”.