This little girl is charming, and we hope a loving family adopts her.

Babies are a blessing in our lives, but regrettably, many people do not cherish the gift they received from God and abandon their children shortly after birth.

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There is the sad story of a baby child abandoned in a field in Bangkok’s Ladkrabang area. Everyone was taken aback when they learned what had occurred.

Some farmers heard a child sobbing in the middle of the night, but they mistook the sounds for animal sounds because they knew they had animals, so they only investigated the following day.

When they arrived, they were astounded to see a newborn baby girl covered in insect bites and clearly in distress. She only survived because of a miracle.

This happened rapidly in the news, and many people were startled and prayed for the little girl’s complete recovery. According to the press, the girl was only one day old when she was abandoned in the field and still had the umbilical cord attached.

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The girl was taken to the hospital immediately and given the necessary care. The police were immediately called, and the hunt for the girl’s parents began.

Fortunately, aside from mosquito bites, the girl had no further issues.

According to the inspector of Chalong Krung police station, the girl’s parents most likely live close to the field where they left their kid.

The inspector promised everyone that the police would search the area, ask locals if they knew anything, and do all possible to find the parents. He also stated that he would investigate the CCTV cameras on the street to determine who left the baby there.

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I hope this precious little girl can find the right home for her, who will love her and provide her with everything she requires because every child deserves a shot in life.