The tragic death of Nicholas “Nick” Lloyd Webber, the son of Broadway composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, was announced on March 25. The film composer and music producer was 43 when he died from stomach cancer.

On March 23, Andrew gave a status update and mentioned that his son had pneumonia and was now receiving hospice care.

In a statement, Andrew said, “I am heartbroken to have to announce the death of my beloved elder son Nick a few hours ago at Basingstoke Hospital”. “His whole family has come together, and we are all inconsolable. I appreciate your kind words during this trying time. ”.

Nick wrote the music for several short films, most notably for the 2021 drama “The Last Bus,” following in his father’s footsteps, albeit in a different field”.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Exupéry’s Little Prince” is retold in the BBC One series “Love, Lies, and Records,” for which Nick also wrote the music”.

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Nicholas “Nick” Lloyd Webber’s musical abilities were undoubtedly scrutinised with a father like Andrew Lloyd Webber, who was knighted solely for his musical ability. He nevertheless persisted in upholding his family’s legacy.

In a 2011 interview with The Telegraph, Nick stated that he was aware of the pressures that came with the world’s attention on him when it came time to release his composition for the “Love, Lies, and Records” series.

He explained to the publication, “I dropped the Lloyd bit for a long time to see the reaction. I wasn’t completely a moron, I thought after hearing something on the radio. Hold on; maybe I should move forward if other people are willing to collaborate with me without the surname, I reasoned”.

Along with being gifted, Nick also had a loving family. Days before his passing, his sister Imogen shared a picture of him and his sister as kids wearing matching “Cats” t-shirts.

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She added, “We’ve always supported Dad and his concerts, albeit in slightly more attire from this photo on. I honoured Nick’s request to take a break from seeing him at “Bad Cinderella.”. I promise to return soon so I can give Nick another hug. For Nick’s family, our thoughts are with them.