Nick Cannon honours his infant son Zen on the anniversary of his death. Last year, Cannon, a father of twelve, and Alyssa Scott, another co-parent, went through a life event that no parent should ever have to endure. Their 5-month-old son Zen passed away on December 5, 2021, several months after being identified as having a brain tumour.

To update the public on how he is doing a year after losing his cherished child, Cannon has now turned to Instagram. Cannon started her essay with the statement, “Mentally and spiritually, I’m broken. Physically, I’m definitely on the mend.”.

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Even though I know how much sleep I need, I have been tossing and turning all night. I can’t believe it has already been a year since the most challenging day of my life. An anniversary that is so painful. The heaviest, darkest, and most depressing experience I will never get over is losing a child. What I suppress every day is a mixture of guilt, pain, and sorrow. “.

While many people have questioned Nick’s life decisions, he said they should never be because of his capacity to love deeply. The host continued, “I am far from perfect and frequently fail to live up to my potential and make decisions that raise many questions, but anyone who knows me knows my heart.

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I wish my Little Man could have experienced more of that love while he was on Earth because I love fiercely, deeply, and unconditionally. One of my Spiritual Leaders recently told me that I am going through one of the most challenging times of my life. He urged me to hold on and trust that everything would work out for the best because it would only strengthen me. He also advised me to rely on the peace that transcends all understanding rather than on my own knowledge. “.

While Nick acknowledges that he is doing his best to carry on, he is honest in his post, writing, “Let me tell you, it’s tough… I know a few days ago I wrote a post from my hospital bed saying I will be okay and I just needed rest so don’t waste your prayers on me but I can definitely use those prayers right now…????Continue to Peacefully Rest My Son, Zen Scott Cannon. You have our undying love. “.

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It’s unknown if Cannon is still receiving medical attention or is recuperating at home. He wrote on Instagram about his hospital stay, “Okay, so I guess I’m not Superman…,” before explaining the reason. “I promised myself that I would never return to this location. “.

However, Cannon continued, his hospitalisation was a “great lesson to take care of YOU or YOU won’t be able to take care of everyone else. Don’t worry; all I need is some quality rest, and I’ll be back on the path to becoming more vigorous than ever. Pneumonia is nothing to be afraid of. I don’t need any good thoughts or prayers.

It’s crazy because I’m alone in a cramped hospital room after rocking a sold-out crowd at Madison sq\. Garden last night in front of thousands of fans. Without a doubt, life is a rollercoaster, LupusWarrior. “.