Kindergarten students were struck by a van as they crossed the street.

Five preschoolers were tragically involved in a collision with a passing van this morning in Pollock Pines, California.

Around 10:30 a.m., the horrible incident took place as the young children were en route to a nearby park for an exciting field trip.
as reported by CBS affiliate KOVR and ABC network KXTV.

Witnesses described the tragic incident in heartbreaking detail, saying that the kids were crossing the street in the designated crosswalk when it happened.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that three children were seriously injured. The other two also sustained minor wounds at the same time, according to KOVR and NBC station KCRA-TV.

Soon after the accident, neighborhood authorities arrived. The responsible driver, a 21-year-old man, remained on the scene and cooperated with police, according to reports from KXTV and KCRA-TV. The incident’s circumstances are currently being investigated by law enforcement agencies.

On a field trip, five kids suffered injuries, including a 4-year-old who had “significant head trauma.”

Children who had been hurt were taken urgently to several medical facilities.
Notably, two children with serious injuries were transported to the UC Davis Medical Center, which is renowned for its critical care knowledge.

Sutter Roseville Medical Center provided treatment for a second child who was also in critical condition. A child and a female with minor wounds were sent to Marshall Medical Center for care in the interim.

The affected children’s school, Pine Top Montessori, extended its sincere apologies to the affected families. According to KXTV, the school said, “We sincerely hope for their speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with our families. ”.

They emphasized that they are in close contact with the appropriate authorities and the parents to address the issue and offer support during this trying time.

On the GoFundMe page, Juniper Ammons, the 4-year-old seriously hurt in the tragedy, is described as fighting serious head injuries and being on a ventilator by her aunt, Jillian Leach.

On a field trip, five kids suffered injuries, including a 4-year-old who had “significant head trauma.”

The website saw a significant increase in traffic in less than 48 hours, and donations reached more than $53,000. As Jillian remembers, Juniper’s parents, Catie and Trevor, have been by her side ever since she arrived at the hospital center.

A glimmer of hope came from Aunt Allison Warren’s statement to KXTV that Juniper’s condition has stabilized. She continued, underlining the family’s attention and concern for her well-being, “Right now, that’s all we can ask for.”.

The tenacious four-year-old was described by Warren as a “ray of sunshine” who effortlessly brightens every setting. Others around her frequently find humor in her mature understanding and soulfulness.

Additionally, efforts have been made to raise money for the families affected by this tragic accident by the El Dorado Community Foundation through the Community Resource Fund.

The organization works to lessen the accompanying responsibilities faced by the families, as stated on their official website, while acknowledging that no amount of financial assistance can undo the harm already done.

Authorities initially stated that they did not think that alcohol, drugs, or driving too fast were factors in the collision. They actively investigate the possibility of distracted driving serving as a contributing factor, according to KCRA-TV.

More details about the circumstances leading up to this unfortunate catastrophe will become clearer as the investigation progresses. At the time of publication, the CHP had not yet responded to PEOPLE’s request for a quick comment, underscoring the importance of conducting a thorough investigation before issuing any official statements.