“After just mentioning that I am a worker, I quickly changed the topic. I didn’t want my kids to feel bad or embarrassed about me, so I decided not to tell them what I did for a living. I made a conscious effort to avoid their inquiries and give evasive answers.

“I took showers in public facilities so that my family wouldn’t wonder or suspect what I did during the day. My daughters should prioritize their education over me because I believe that it is important. “.

“I want other people to respect my daughters and not treat them with contempt like I was treated. They should experience greater happiness than I did. Because of this, I’m committed to making sure they get the opportunities and education they deserve. “.

One man’s story, showing us happiness comes from real love

“With my money, I decided to purchase books for my daughters rather than new clothes. All I asked in return was for them to treat me with respect. I worked as a housekeeper. I didn’t have the money before my daughter’s application deadline for college. “.

“I felt awful that day. It was impossible for me to work and make money. I was unable to pay for my daughter’s college expenses as a result. I was crying even though I was trying to control myself.

No one came over to see how I was doing or if I needed anything, but everyone in the office stared at me. When I got home, all I could think about was my daughter asking me for the money for her college application. With her, I was speechless. Due to my inability to provide for my children, I felt ashamed. “.

I used to think that people with low incomes could never be happy or enjoy anything wonderful. Something incredibly unexpected happened one day after work.

All of my coworkers showed up, sat down next to me, and offered me a cut of their daily pay. Before I could even finish my objection, they said that in order for our children to have better lives than we do, they would need to go to college.

“I was deeply moved by their thoughtful action. I made the decision to start wearing my work clothes when I got home after that day and stop using public restrooms for showers. My child, who is out of school already, won’t let me keep working. While my oldest daughter works, the other three girls pay for their education. “.

My eldest daughter always drives me to work, and she also brings my coworkers and I lunch each day. They once asked her why she did what she did.

She replied that she would always be grateful if they all made an effort to support her in the future so that she could pay for her college expenses and live a better life. I’m extremely proud of each and every one of my kids. I no longer feel poor because I have such fantastic kids. “.