Martyr is not your typical cat.

She was initially discovered in a dumpster in 2016 by a bystander who had heard her soft meowing coming from inside.

The kitten had gangrene in a back paw and a broken front leg from being abandoned there.

Thankfully, her new mother knew how to assist her. She was given medical care over time, and she is now proudly sporting her cone.

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Tragically, Martyr’s gangrenous condition caused her to lose her back paw. Her mother, who had prior experience raising kittens, helped her recover securely to get to where she is now.

Martyr was recently identified as a male cat, aside from her humble beginnings in the dumpster!

Martyr is an uncommon exception to the rule that calico cats are typically female. In fact, until recently, he was referred to as a “she.”.

Only one male calico cat out of every 3,000!

Cats’ X chromosome, which contributes to the appearance of orange and black fur, is to blame for this.

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Due to their double X chromosomes, female cats have a white base coat with orange and black fur, making them look like a calico cats.

Therefore, a male cat must possess two X and Y chromosomes to appear calico.

That makes Martyr and other cat breeds miracles of nature.

This and his modest beginnings make this cat as uncommon as a mythical unicorn. When his new mother’s niece posted all of the images seen in this article there, Martyr’s adorable face became a part of the internet sensation!