Throughout the wedding planning process, the bride and groom may feel tremendous stress. Because there are so many considerations, including the location and the attire, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Most couples make the commitment to never again plan a wedding after their big day!

Angie Ver Huel put a lot of effort into making sure every detail of her wedding was perfect, and with the help of her husband, she surprised all of their guests. The wedding was flawless in every way, and it was a day that everyone will always treasure.

As the wedding day got closer, everything seemed to be in order. But he gained a new understanding the morning of the wedding. Angie had always dreamed of finding true love, meeting her prince charming, and starting a family.

One sad tale for a young couple

As soon as she met Justin, she knew he was the one. He had a great career, was funny, and knew a lot.

She accepted his proposal of marriage in September 2013 when he made it. The majority of Justin’s coworkers were ecstatic to hear that he had found his true love, but one wasn’t so thrilled. After getting engaged, there was a full year to plan every last detail of the wedding.

Angie and Justin were excited for the following day. Nine months after their wedding, on May 8, 2014, they were eager for the future.

Marie, Justin’s mother, was awakened in the middle of the night by a terrifying sound coming from the basement. The door then opened, and Angie screamed in terror as she heard three gunshots. When Marie realized what had happened was terrible, she ran away from the scene.

Angie was relieved to learn that she had been cleared by the police. But she couldn’t help but be concerned about Justin. She questioned whether it was her or someone else who might have injured him. Police continued to investigate the situation, but they had no leads.

Angie was experiencing extreme anxiety. She couldn’t understand how the most wonderful day of her life had turned into a nightmare. She couldn’t understand why someone would want to harm them, despite the police’s extensive speculation.

A car was discovered abandoned next to a highway after hearing reports of gunfire. David Moffitt, Angie’s ex-boyfriend, texted her to end things when she started dating Justin. David was Justin’s coworker in the same department, and he was enraged about Justin’s engagement to Angie.

Angie was relieved that the offender had been identified when David’s punishment was administered a year later.

She was, however, also dissatisfied that during the initial investigation, more evidence hadn’t been found by the detectives. Everyone was bewildered and angry because it seemed that David was wrongfully accusing Andrew of the murder.