Alec Baldwin posted a tribute to his mother’s legacy on Instagram on the first anniversary of her passing. She passed away on May 26, 2022, and will be remembered for her dedication to breast cancer education and research. Six children, 25 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren remain to carry on her legacy.

The Baldwin family matriarch passed away more than a year ago, which is difficult to comprehend. Alec Baldwin said of his mother Carol Baldwin, “We miss her, but we continue to work to respect her legacy. He gave The Baldwin Fund high praise and urged people to support them in their fight for change.

One year after his mother’s passing, Alec Baldwin said of her, “We Miss Her.”

Alec continued, “Help us carry on the mission she started, to love others, show compassion, and find a cure. Help us continue the fight my mom started against breast cancer in the 1990s.”. The Baldwin Fund has provided grants for more than 60 research projects since it was established in 2001.

When he revealed that his mother had passed away in May 2022, Alec Baldwin went to great lengths. She was given the news that she had breast cancer in 1991, and even though she was later told she was cancer-free, she decided to continue fighting the illness in honor of all the other women who deal with it daily and experience struggle and agony.

One year after his mother’s passing, Alec Baldwin said of her, “We Miss Her.”

He went on to praise his mother for the work she had done with SUNY Stony Brook after undergoing cancer treatment. The Carol M. Dot Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund was established on the Stony Brook campus in 2022, according to Alec, with the help of Shirley Strum Kenny, the university’s then president. ”.

After some time, SUNY Upstate University and a different chapter were founded, and their combined efforts helped raise millions of dollars for breast cancer research and awareness. “She fought and championed the cause she put so much energy into for the last 25 years of her life,” Alec continued.

One year after his mother’s passing, Alec Baldwin said of her, “We Miss Her.”

Her legacy is furthered by the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center at Stony Brook Medicine, which was founded in 1996 and treats hundreds of breast cancer patients every year. The facility also offers a survivorship program for those who have recovered from the disease but still need support.

Beginning with the tragic events that occurred on the Rust set on October 21, 2021, Alec Baldwin has had a challenging past 19 months. Baldwin mistakenly shot and killed cameraman Halyna Hutchins while filming a scene while holding what he thought was a toy gun, but it turned out to be a real one.

One year after his mother’s passing, Alec Baldwin said of her, “We Miss Her.”

In the beginning, two counts of involuntary manslaughter were brought against him; however, those charges were later dropped in April 2023, enabling Baldwin to begin the difficult process of moving on. After the tragic event, he reportedly told his wife he no longer wanted to be a public figure.

Recent allegations that Alec Baldwin reprimanded a waiter on May 18 at the 2023 PEN America Spring Literary Gala led to trouble for him. Alec, who appeared to be speaking to someone else at the time, appeared to object when the waitress started setting the plates on the table.

According to one source, “I’m guessing he felt it was rude of her to start putting plates down while he was standing there,” and that the waitress was baffled as to why he yelled at her. Even so, it was a quick exchange that none of the other guests seemed to pay attention to.