Since the tragic passing of Tina Turner at the age of 83, Oprah Winfrey has given some thought to their enduring friendship. Using Instagram, Oprah, 69, shared special photos of her and Turner that she had taken over the years.
Turner was a well-known performer, and Winfrey paid tribute to him as a way of expressing her sorrow over his passing on Wednesday.

Winfrey recalled how they first met, recalling how she was initially Tina Turner’s ardent admirer before becoming one as she followed her to her performances all over the country. Their paths eventually crossed, and a sincere bond grew.

In a few words, Winfrey said, “She is our eternal rock ‘n’ roll goddess, possessing an unwavering inner strength that grew exponentially throughout her life.”.

Oprah Winfrey recalled what she had said to Tina Turner when it was time for her to depart this world: “She would be ‘Excited’”

Turner was Winfrey’s hero and an inspiration to all people. The renowned vocalist pushed Winfrey to discover untapped aspects of her personality. She became a representation of bravery for Winfrey, who credited Turner with motivating her to live bravely.

Turner’s courage as she overcame years of domestic abuse and transformed her life into a triumphant tribute struck Winfrey as admirable. Winfrey praised and acknowledged Turner’s bravery, demonstrating that victory is possible while wearing a leather miniskirt and Manolo shoes.
Turner shared her lack of dread when facing the inevitable end of her time on Earth during a touching conversation, Winfrey recalled. Turner, though encouraged by her devoted husband Erwin and cherished friends, welcomed her impending voyage with wonder and enthusiasm. Winfrey’s ability to live taught her priceless lessons about life.

Oprah Winfrey recalled what she had said to Tina Turner when it was time for her to depart this world: “She would be ‘Excited’”

Winfrey sincerely acknowledged how the music legend’s friendship had improved her as a person and a lady. She expressed appreciation for Turner’s profound impact on her life. Turner’s grit and spirit had a lasting impression on Winfrey, who was profoundly affected.

In addition to her encouraging words, Winfrey also posted a video of her performing on stage with Turner while performing the well-known song “The Best.”. With its comprehensive depiction of Turner’s fascinating world, this video stands as a monument to the priceless times they shared.
During Turner’s “Wildest Dreams” tour, Winfrey danced with him in Los Angeles, and she talked about the anxiety and excitement she felt. Turner’s courage was evident in her ability to encourage and inspire others to step outside of their comfort zones, and Winfrey was grateful for the opportunity to be present for that special occasion.

Oprah Winfrey recalled what she had said to Tina Turner when it was time for her to depart this world: “She would be ‘Excited’”

Winfrey also talked about a moment she had at a Tina Turner concert in 2005 with O, The Oprah Magazine that changed her life. Watching Turner perform was deeply spiritual for Winfrey. In the presence of a true artist, she claimed to feel inspired and encouraged to improve herself.

Winfrey was deeply moved by Turner’s seductive stage presence, which was accentuated by her vivacious swings in a mini skirt and the grace of her three-inch Manolos.
Tragically, Tina Turner passed away at age 83 in her Zurich, Switzerland, home following a protracted illness. Her music was adored by millions of people around the world, and she inspired future generations with her unrestrained zeal for life.

A heartfelt farewell to a friend and a recognition of Turner’s enormous artistic accomplishments were both expressed in a moving tribute posted on her Instagram page. The world mourns the passing of Tina Turner, and we extend our deepest condolences to her grieving family.
She will be sorely missed by her fans and admirers who will feel an unstoppable void in their hearts because of her music and unmatched character.