One of the few people in the world who can get by with just their first name is Cher. Given that she is an undeniably successful singer, have you ever wondered where she got her fantastic singing voice and commanding stage presence? Her mother was the source of both.

Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt, was born in Arkansas in 1926. I Love Lucy and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet were just two movies and television shows she acted in during the 1950s. “.

She also recorded an album called “Honky Tonk Woman” with the same musicians who backed Elvis Presley in 1980, but the album wasn’t released until 2013, even though it was recorded at that time.

Additionally, Cher took part in the 2013 filming of the “Dear Mom, Love Cher” documentary, which explored her relationship with her mother. From her early years up until she became a mother, Holt’s life was chronicled in the documentary shown on Lifetime.

Holt has recently experienced some health problems. Cher revealed on her Instagram page in September that her mother had been “Sick Off and On” and was battling pneumonia.

Cher is about to reveal some even more terrible news. Her mother cannot be saved because it is too late. “Mom has passed away,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “.


In her statement, Cher didn’t give a reason for her passing. Her mother was a ripe old age of 96.

Many people reached out to Cher to offer their condolences after she learned the tragic news. For instance, Hillary Clinton posted on Twitter, “So sad for your loss, my friend. I am thinking of you and sending you all of the world’s love.

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Oh, @cher., read the tweet from actress Marg Helgenberger. I was shocked and heartbroken to hear about your beloved mother’s passing. I’m thinking of you and praying for you. We pray that she finds eternal peace; what a wonderful gift it must have been to have her in your life for such a significant portion.

I want to honour Holt by bringing you back to a touching occasion when Holt’s mother and daughter were together. The pair gave a rendition of “Honky Tonk Woman” from Holt’s CD on The Ellen Show during one of their appearances. The song that the mother and daughter sang together was a duet called “I’m Just Your Yesterday.”. You can watch the video of their performance by clicking the link below.