Even though Patrick Duffy’s wife passed away almost six years ago, he still feels a strong emotional connection to her. Patrick Duffy is best known for his role as Bobby Ewing in the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas. He appeared in Man From Atlantis, Too Good To Be True, and Christmas With A View, among other films. But underneath that elegant exterior, a man is grieving the loss of his deceased wife, Carlyn Rosser, who passed away in 2017. He still views himself as “married,” despite the fact that she is no longer with him. “.

When the actor, now 73, was just out of college, they started dating. He told Fox News, “She was a beautiful dancer ten years my senior, and I was a young college graduate touring as a narrator with this ballet show. “We had our first encounter on the tour bus, and that was it for life. When he looked her in the eyes, he instantly knew that she was “the one. In order to start the next chapter of their lives together, the two got married in 1974. Their little family of two had expanded to four when their sons Padraic and Conor were born. They shared a love of art for 43 years, which brought them together. “My wife lived an artistic life; she was a ballerina, could play concert piano, and had perfect pitch. From a constrained artistic perspective, I was drawn into it as well, he told Town and Country Mag.

Patrick Duffy Still Considers Himself a “Married Guy” 3 Years After His Wife’s Death | “I Feel Close to Her All the Time”

“That was most likely my Ph.; it wasn’t the beginning of my education. D. when I met her at age 22, which had an impact on my life. He admits that she had a big impact on his life and even introduced him to Buddhism to help him get over the trauma of his parents’ horrific murder.

Dallas was able to broaden their common interests as a result of his academic success. “The opportunity Dallas offered was fantastic. “It allowed us to concentrate on what we wanted to accomplish most, so this is the home that Dallas built, and the gallery is stocked with artwork that Dallas bought,” he said. He and his family were devastated by her passing in 2017 because he had such a deep love for her and such a close relationship with her.

Patrick Duffy Still Considers Himself a “Married Guy” 3 Years After His Wife’s Death | “I Feel Close to Her All the Time”

The death of his mother was “a shocker,” he admitted to the New York Daily News. “There was no alert. The main adjustment was that. Stalwarts were my boys. “But I also realized that, despite their best efforts to support old dad, I am probably more accustomed to these circumstances than they are. When you get older, you realize that the road ahead is much shorter than the one behind. “.

After almost five years, “I can hear her now,” she claims. The actor admitted to the magazine Closer Weekly, “I saw her. “I try to live up to her expectations because I know what she expects of me. Despite the fact that I am constantly close to her, I long for her touch. To this day, I still consider myself to be married. “.

Patrick Duffy Still Considers Himself a “Married Guy” 3 Years After His Wife’s Death | “I Feel Close to Her All the Time”

He told Fox News that he would treasure all of his memories of his lover while acknowledging that he must move on. In life, he declared, there are no errors. If given enough time, I can mend every fence I’ve damaged and create value from everything I’ve done. I succeeded, and everything is still going well for me. Life has been kind to me despite my efforts to improve my circumstances. “.