After his tragic statement, many are praying for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris, the famed martial artist, has had an extraordinary life, yet he has given it all up for one tragic cause.

Chuck Norris has led an extraordinary life.

Chuck has a long list of accomplishments. So, where do we even start?

He came from a low-income family.

Chuck, born Carlos Ray Norris on March 10th, 1940, began studying martial arts at eighteen after being bullied as a child because of his Native American origin.


He has had a distinguished career.
He held the post until 1974 when he formally retired. He did, however, triumph over notable karate teachers such as Allen Steen, Joe Lewis, Arnold Urquidez, and Louis Delgado.
He also had a successful film career.

Chuck appeared in the horrific action films Breaker! Breaker!, Code of Silence, and the enormously successful TV series Missing in Action.

Chuck prioritises his personal life over everything else.

The actor abruptly left Hollywood for the sweetest of reasons.

Fans have been praying for the legend since he told why.

Chuck Norris

People use social media extensively to express themselves.

“Nobody knows how you have left with your loved ones,”. So, Chuck Norris, go for it. Enjoy every moment with your sweetheart. “May God bless you.”
“My prayers are with you,” said another. Good luck to everyone. Never, ever quit. Your wife is fortunate. “Best wishes.”

” I just wanted you to know that I will pray for you and your lovely wife.

I hope things are going well! It’s incredible to realise you’re the excellent man you appear to be.”

“I just wanted to wish you luck!” I’m always a fan. You are cherished. “Your work inspires my family and myself,” said another.

chuck norris with his wife

When former model Chuck, who had married her in 1998, chose to devote his life to her care.

“Right now, my entire existence is centred on keeping Gena alive; I’ve given up my film career to do that,” he said of his decision. This is a critical issue.
But what exactly occurred?

It all started with a series of MRI examinations that Gena underwent.

The 59-year-old has rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, the scans were performed so that doctors could monitor her condition.

Gena was given dye injections so that the machine could determine how serious her condition was.

Chuck Norris family

Chuck is persuaded that the dyes contributed to his wife’s health decline.

According to Chuck, Gena received three injections of the metal “gadolinium” weekly.
“Within hours of the first dose, I felt like my entire body was on fire — as if acid had been poured through it,” Gena recalled.

“The fire began isolated, but it quickly spread.”
Gena returned to the hospital after experiencing excruciating pain and was miraculously admitted six times.

According to Gena, she began experiencing “excruciating rib pain, breathing issues, physical tremors, muscle weakness, and joint stiffness” after that.
Because the doctors were stumped, Gena Googled her symptoms and discovered “gadolinium poisoning.”

Doctors quickly dismissed her theory.
They then advised her that the dye “is intended to be safely out of patients’ systems within hours of injection.”

Chuck decided to deal with his wife at that point.
Gena was treated for poisoning at a Nevada facility after contacting them.
When Gena arrived at the clinic, she had dropped 15 pounds and had difficulty eating due to the injections. Gena said that she had gone through a lot of pain before seeking medical care. “I had to be fed baby food.

“I had 24-hour nurse care for the five months I was in bed with an IV. Chuck slept on the couch next to me and never left. “I had hoped to be here to raise my children.”

Gena and Chuck Norris have made it their life’s goal to educate the public about gadolinium and its potential adverse effects.

“It’s a sad, awful fact that has been kept buried,” Gena added, “and Chuck and I are determined to alter it.”
The couple sued pharmaceutical companies for permitting the injections, and Gena’s difficulties continued.