The holiday season is a time to rejoice, to make things joyful and bright, and to gather with close friends and family. It is the most beautiful time of the year to be alive and well.

The last one is the one that gets in the way the most. Flying is a stressful experience even in the best circumstances, but we may need to do it to see our loved ones.

The holidays can be a stressful time to travel, to put it mildly. A smooth and stress-free experience is significantly less likely when children are involved. When children are present, everything becomes more difficult.

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One toddler’s actions were so… loud that they quickly gained attention on Reddit.

The child was captured on a hidden camera rocking the seat in front of them and jumping up and down on the tray table during a ten-second clip.

“I noticed that a man with a lot of patience had taken the seat in front of me. The father kept his composure and a neutral expression on his face despite the toddler pushing and bouncing off of him. “.

This video was no exception to the rule that people tend to become agitated when there aren’t any good manners in the air. The majority of people reacted more harshly to this child’s behaviour.

Even though the incident had already occurred, Reddit users provided various recommendations for what the man should have done in this circumstance.

According to someone, “If the child is old enough, I’ll tell them Santa isn’t real. Another user advised, “Seat recline as quickly as you can.

Someone else said they should have asked a flight attendant for assistance.

“Ask once, gently. Beyond that, you should refrain from addressing them and instead ask the flight attendant for assistance. “.

The Reddit user suggested either calling an air marshal or having the flight attendant threatened to inform the captain, who might decide to ground the plane due to the interruption if the issue could not be fixed on the first try.

People were most upset with the adults who were present but did nothing to stop their children from misbehaving.

People were understandably incensed with the parents who had permitted their kids to ruin this poor man’s journey egregiously.

One person said, “I would feel like a failing parent if my kids were doing this and I was just plainly allowing it.”.

Insults like “selfish,” “idiotic,” and “moron” were hurled back and forth a lot. The general public eventually pondered the question of when airlines will create “child-free” areas, which has been on many travellers’ minds for a while.