One of the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world is likely the pit bull.
They have not benefited greatly from their reputation.
However, as with all dog breeds, it all depends on how the dog is raised and treated by its owner. Pit bulls are often associated with violence and hostility.

Pitbull without a leash rushes towards screaming child, then owner discovers horrible reason why

Dogs depend on good parenting, just like kids do. Pit bulls may be larger than many dogs and perhaps more vicious biters, but they can also be trained to behave well and be loving pets. Though they may appear frightening, I believe it is safe to say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. There are many pit bulls who enjoy spending time with dogs. Hurley is one of these dogs; he is a courageous and astute pit bull who went above and beyond to protect a young child from a snake.

Sister of the owner of Stacie Rae English Hurley. She posted about her experience on Facebook because she was so moved by what had occurred that day. What she posted is as follows:.

LoveWhatMatters “Around 10 o’clock at night, my brother was out walking Hurley, his pit bull lab mix. He takes him for a walk at this hour so that he can let him off the leash and let him do what he enjoys doing, which is sniffing everything. Hurley took off after the young child’s scream as soon as they heard it, my brother recalls.”.

Pitbull without a leash rushes towards screaming child, then owner discovers horrible reason why

“With my brother following closely, he witnessed Hurley snatch a copper-headed snake away from the young boy and fling it around. Hurley later realized he had killed the snake. My brother was unable to learn any information about the young boy because he ran to his mother’s car and sped away. My brother then called animal control, and the Highland Village Police arrived to investigate the scene (we assume that he was bitten because they left so quickly). ” .

To determine if Hurley had been bitten, they requested to examine Hurley. To my brother’s shock, he was bleeding, had a swollen neck, and was foaming at the mouth. He had two puncture wounds in his upper lip, and they discovered them. Hurley spent the night at Denton Animal Emergency Hospital after Shelby rushed him there so they could keep an eye on his blood clotting capacity throughout the night. ”.

Hurley and Shelby both returned home this morning. Hurley is doing much better this morning, thank God, though he still appears to be uncomfortable due to his swollen face and neck, according to Stacie Ray. Hurley did a great job of coming close, the sister concludes, writing:.

Later, it was discovered that the young child had come across a copperhead nest, and Hurley undoubtedly saved him from being bitten, if not from being bitten repeatedly. We are still looking for the young boy and checking on his wellbeing. This is our brave pit bull. For those who criticize his breed, I want his story to be widely known. ”.

LoveWhatMatters Doesn’t this just demonstrate that not all pit bulls are harmful? Of course, in some circumstances they might even save your life. Published by Newsner, if you would like to recognize Hurley’s extraordinary bravery, please share. Please give your approval.