One of Tina Turner’s neighbors commented, “Somebody like this ought to reside everlastingly,” as she put blossoms outside the stone symbol’s lakeside home in Switzerland on Thursday.

The rock icon, who was 83 years old at the time, spent more than three decades living in Turner’s castle, where a steady stream of visitors left cards and notes. One of their names was Barbara Burkhalter.

World pioneers and other stone legends honored Turner after she died on Wednesday, yet so did her neighbors in the wealthy Zurich suburb of Kuesnacht, where the diva had a tranquil, inconvenience free presence.

I brought some flowers and a small card. Burkhalter, who is 69, expressed, “I needed to come.”

Prayers and tears outside Tina Turner’s beautiful Swiss residence

She was a favorite of mine. We wouldn’t have bothered her, even though we were glad to see her.

“I still feel your voice in my heart, even though we can no longer hear it.”

Antonella Carrera wept as she considered the impact Turner’s music had on her life from a young age.

Prayers and tears outside Tina Turner’s beautiful Swiss residence

The 53-year-old stated, “Music is what always pulls one back and where you find yourself when going through hard times, and Tina gave me many, many moments where I needed to feel good again.”

“I realize she’s gone, and the legend lives on always, however it’s simply the agony realizing that this delightful lady with this gift from God has at long last gone to rest.”

The superstar, who was born in the United States, was presented with large and small bouquets of flowers, candles, cards, and handwritten messages, one of which read, “Rest in power.”

Turner’s triumph over domestic violence touched many people all over the world, in addition to her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence.

Guia Greaves, a well-wisher, praised her for being a considerate neighbor, discrete, and humble member of her community.

Prayers and tears outside Tina Turner’s beautiful Swiss residence

Greaves told AFP: ” I don’t have the foggiest idea how frequently I drove by here while paying attention to her tunes and shouted, ‘Hello, Tina!'”

“Furthermore, I truly like a big motivator for she in regards to aggressive behavior at home — how she developed without enmity.”

“We must continue to enjoy this treasure now that we have her music.”

Turner moved to Switzerland in 1995 with her lifelong partner Erwin Bach. For the 67-year-old German maker, certain individuals left blossoms as sympathies.

Huge plants with pink and blue hues and well-kept hedges make up their gardens.

Three-story white chateau with turrets that rears up to Lake Zurich is stowed away from the street by forcing trees.

Prayers and tears outside Tina Turner’s beautiful Swiss residence

“Her music became a part of my life as a teenager and got me thinking about what we make of this life,” Bryan Mackie, 29, one of the mourners, said.

I am more of a fan than my girlfriend. I brought her flowers because she is so sad.

The castle received three kisses from a man who knelt; a lady laid blossoms at the entryways and delicately contacted them; Another woman spoke Italian while praying.

In recognition, Turner’s melody blastd from the mixed drink relax across the road.

A rose with a love heart was given by 47-year-old Lucerne resident and IT worker Andrea Brunetti.

“She is the most beautiful woman to have ever lived in the last 200 years.” She really is a fortune.” She is more than just an artist, he continued, She has a beautiful heart.

Prayers and tears outside Tina Turner’s beautiful Swiss residence

She always gave her all until the end. Some people will never die. Tina, I appreciate everything you have done for the community.

A candle was lit by Jerika Seiler, 48, who had known Turner for 20 years and had often seen him in nearby restaurants.

She acknowledged, “I usually cry every time I see her movie… I attended three of her shows.”

She had a lot of tenacity. I’ll miss her life advice. She excelled in numerous areas.

“She is the best, and she always will be.”