On the 45th anniversary of her late husband Elvis “The King” Presley’s passing, Hollywood legend Priscilla Presley releases new information.

The infamous Elvis beach movies, a facet of his career that he never relished, have been revealed by Elvis Presley’s ex-wife. She stated, “He Wanted to Make Important Pictures” during an appearance on NBC’s “Today” program. “.

Priscilla Presley discussed Elvis’ legacy and the just-released Baz Luhrmann movie “Elvis” on air. “.

Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks in the movie and portraying Elvis’ manager, was the target of Priscilla’s rage. The most challenging scene in the film was brought up, and Colonel Tom Parker responded.

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Elvis needed to be taken where he wanted to be, according to Priscilla. Having gone through it before, I found that challenging. I was interested in hearing their arguments. “.

“I was present when Elvis attempted to explain why he didn’t want to star in every beach movie with every girl. I witnessed it taking place. Watching the movie and going through that with him brought back many memories. “.

Priscilla praised Baz Luhrmann’s powerful depiction of The King’s life, even though she experienced a wave of emotions while watching the movie.

She expressed her worries in a “Today” interview, stating, “When I first heard that [Baz] was doing the movie, I was a little frightened. “.

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When all was said and done, I exclaimed, “Wow. “This is Elvis, in all sincerity. ‘”.

Priscilla Presley acknowledged that, despite their disagreements over Elvis’ participation in the beach photos, she had reconciled with Colonel Tom Parker. She spoke of Parker’s success in realising what Elvis had aimed for from the start of his career.

In addition to the manager Colonel, there was also a friendly Colonel, Priscilla said. He had a fair amount of tenderness when he wasn’t working, but when he was, he was all business. “.

He was forced to grant Elvis’s last wish for him—to make a million dollars—because he had no other option.

In 1967, Elvis Presley wed Priscilla Presley; their union lasted until 1973. Graceland was transformed into a well-known tourist destination by Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), which was established there by Priscilla Presley after Elvis Presley passed away there in 1977.