Heidi Klum has worked as a supermodel for the majority of her life. The 49-year-old mother of four still works as a model, and her 18-year-old daughter currently appears in her commercials.

Regrettably, the young girl’s inclusion in the advertisement has yet to be well received by everyone. By reading on, could you find out what happened in detail to explain why everyone was so uncomfortable?

Heidi Klum has a long history of modeling, especially for intimate apparel. When the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi unveiled a new campaign with the supermodel, people were enthralled and thrilled.

Much of the anticipation vanished or changed when the teaser for what was to come was released into doubt and contempt. People were ecstatic to see what the brand would produce.

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The lingerie company unveiled the first teaser, a video featuring the supermodel and her daughter, who just turned 18, decked out to the nines and seated side by side. “A story of self-confidence, joy of life, and love between a mother and a daughter,” the video’s description read. ”.

The business proudly proclaimed, “Together @heidiklum and @leniklum celebrate The Art of Italian Lingerie. ”.

The mother and daughter got along well in the video, making jokes and posing. They both are having a great time.

The brand then published pictures showing the two sets of women’s underwear. The captions for the photos were written by them, just like mother and daughter. Every woman’s favorite underwear has a special place in her heart.

According to the caption, the campaign aims to reveal people for who they are. ” “The two represent the close bond between a mother and a daughter. ”.

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Even though lingerie companies usually show several models wearing the products together, the fact that this particular shot featured a mother-and-daughter team did not sit well with people. They all commented on how strange they found this to be. One user remarked that it was “really creepy!” and “just in BAD TASTE!”.

Another person commented, “It’s gross to see mom and daughter in underwear during the same video shoot. I like to think of myself as progressive in these matters”.

Another person expressed concern over the campaign’s use of the 18-year-old daughter. The Instagram user commented, “Sexualizing your child when they turn legal is weird.

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Another participant said, “I also find this so revolting and appalling,” “A mother using her daughter for personal gain.”. Awful and tasteless.

The campaign received a lot of criticism, but it was also favorably received by some.

Someone said, “I see nothing wrong with this, nothing disturbing.”.

Another commenter wrote, “Beautiful and very sophisticated…In bathing suits, more skin is displayed…18 is the daughter’s age…They are both gorgeous.

Earlier this month, 18-year-old Leni Klum tweeted a second suggestive image of herself wearing only her pants. She held her hands over her torso and showed off her makeup. She didn’t leave much to the imagination, even though she had a bra strap on her arm. The girl is unconcerned about how she looks.

The mother and daughter have not yet commented favorably on the criticism they have received.

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