Richard Lewis, a comedian, announced his retirement from stand-up following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and four surgeries.

The 75-year-old “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor, who is known for wearing all-black and acting out his neuroses, posted a video to Twitter on Monday outlining his various medical conditions.

He claimed that for the previous three and a half years, he had “a sort of rocky time” due to hip and shoulder replacement surgeries.

Richard Lewis, the comedian, reveals he has Parkinson’s disease.

He underwent a brain scan as well because he was walking with shuffling feet. Medical professionals identified him as having Parkinson’s disease. Fortunately, I found out I had it late in life, and they say you only ever progress very slowly, if at all. I’m fine because I’m taking the right medications. My stand-up routine is over. Just my acting and writing are what I’m focusing on. ”.

Just a few of Lewis’ big-screen credits include “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” and “Vamps.”. He has also appeared on a number of TV shows, such as “7th Heaven,” “George Lopez,” “BoJack Horseman,” and “Dr. Katz, Licensed Mental Health Counselor. ”.