Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, a significant milestone!

The Hollywood couple celebrated their 35 years of happy marriage on April 30.

On social media, Wilson shared a photo of Hanks presenting her with cake.

a 35-year marriage. April 30, 1988. She declared, “Love is everything.

a marriage of 35 years. April 30, 1988. Everything is about love. Rita Wilson (@RitaWilson), April 30, 2023. http://t.co/llzqHf75tK.

The couple initially met while working on the 1981 television show Bosom Buddies. Their relationship began as a friendship because Hanks was already married to Samantha Lewes, his college sweetheart.

I’ll admit that she had a crazy fantastic quality about her that I noticed right away. The 66-year-old actor admitted as much on the podcast “So Many White Guys”. ”.

Wilson and Hanks married in 1988 after a two-year relationship. The couple’s two children are Truman Theodore Hanks and Chester “Chet” Hanks.

Rita Wilson celebrates the couple’s 35th wedding anniversary by posting a cute photo of Tom Hanks.

Hanks and Wilson contend that there is no formula for enduring love.

I wish there was a hidden meaning, you know. We communicate well. My wife going out with me still astounds me, but you start there. I never would have had the nerve to approach her if I had been just funny in high school. 2018 saw Hanks interview with People.

According to them, the work must be challenging. In no way, at all. It’s necessary to occasionally overcome obstacles, but life is full of them, so it’s more fun to return home with someone you enjoy being around.

35 years is a big deal, especially in Hollywood, so best wishes to Tom and Rita.

Thank you for sharing, and happy anniversary to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.