Former teen idol Ryu Athit, also known as Arthit Taongsawatrat, has mostly stayed the same for 15 years after leaving the entertainment business.

The former actor, who began his career in show business at 14, served as the spokesperson for Thai idol plays in the 1990s. He promoted numerous products because he was popular with consumers and advertisers.

Unfortunately, Ryu had mental health problems and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Reports described him as “insane and mentally unsound.”.

Ryu made her final on-screen appearance in the 2005 rom-com drama Theptida Long Ngan before taking a break from acting to seek treatment.

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He reportedly spent ten years in and out of hospitals, and to treat his illness at one point, he turned to Buddhism.

Ryu also experienced the dissolution of two marriages during that time.

He has two sons, Pham, 23, and Phao, 22, from his first marriage, and a daughter, Link, 15, from his second marriage.

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They all seem to get along poorly, and it has been said that Ryu has stopped communicating with his kids.

It was recently discovered that Ryu had lost his home and was now surviving by selling used goods at a roadside flea market.

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The newspaper published pictures of Ryu at his improvised stand and reported that Ryu had exhausted all of the money he had made as a child and was forced to file for bankruptcy.

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He disclosed that he currently slumbers next to the road and must use an outdoor faucet to get water for washing.