The rare and potentially fatal condition known as epidermolysis bullosa has gained more attention thanks to Courteney Cox’s platform.

The Friends actress posted a heartbreaking video from the group EB Research Partnership, which is committed to treating and curing the disease, on her Instagram account.

The video shows a young boy calling out. Eli Meyer addressed the audience, saying, “It is a rare condition, and it aches occasionally. “I want everyone to understand that you should still greet them even if someone doesn’t look like you. The world will be a better place if we can communicate more effectively with one another. “.

EB is the name for a class of fatal hereditary skin diseases. The two layers of the patient’s skin separate and blister because the patient lacks crucial proteins that keep them attached. As a result, there might be painful, long-lasting wounds.

Due to her friend Brandon’s illness, Courteney is adamant about the matter. Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare and potentially fatal genetic condition, affects many people, including my friend @bdog2k19, she wrote in the caption of the video.

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Visit @ebmrf and @ebresearch to learn more about EB and find a cure, or use the hashtag #comesayhi! to share a video of yourself waving.

Many of Courteney’s supporters praised the actress for using her platform to advance such an important cause. One fan wrote: “Your use of your platform for good is a true testament to who you are as a person. He’s so cute, I’m so glad you shared this,” and “Fantastic” were written by others.

“I’m hoping that more people learn about EB. No one should be confused. For sharing, I’m grateful. “.

More than ten years ago, Courteney started working to spread the word about EB. In 2015, she revealed that her friend’s baby was born with the condition. “My friend’s child has EB,” she remarked. Since then, I’ve taken part in it. “.

This illness has no known treatment. In a nutshell, it’s a bad thing. It’s impossible to not feel sorry for these kids, she continued. The disease is rare, so we need to increase awareness. ”.