The health of Michael Caine: “My days are numbered” – Strict cancer prevention measures taken by the actor.

After spotting the venerable actor Michael Caine, 89, using a walking frame in London, his admirers raised the alarm.

Since slipping on ice and breaking his ankle, the actor has leaned on a walking stick for support. However, he has since switched to a walking frame, which offers even more support after back surgery.

Michael said about his health earlier this year, “I have a spine disease that affects my leg, so I can’t walk very well. “.

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He recently had back treatment, said Michael’s 75-year-old wife Shakira, who has been with him since 1973. He had spinal stenosis. “.

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spaces between your spine’s bones get smaller. Your spine’s nerves may become compressed as a result. This may affect the patient’s ability to walk, throw off their balance, and result in a numbing sensation.

Additionally, it might result in lower back discomfort when standing and limb weakness, particularly in the arms and legs. While sitting down can help with symptoms, once the person stands up, those symptoms are likely to return.

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Physical therapy or, as in the case of Michael, surgical surgery are two options for treating spinal stenosis.

Typically, doctors will only recommend surgery like Michael’s if the patient’s illness prevents them from being able to move, control their bowels or bladders, or perform other daily tasks.

During surgery, a portion of the patient’s back vertebrae may be removed to make room for the nerves.

Michael’s health may also be treated with alternative therapies like heat or cold, stretching, strengthening, acupuncture, and massage.