Rocker Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses is improving after postponing a recent appearance in Scotland due to an unspecified medical issue.

Rose, 60, apologized for postponing the event in Glasgow on Tuesday night in a message posted on Twitter. She also thanked the audience for their support.

As long as he adheres to his doctor’s recommendations and performs on Friday in Munich, Germany, as scheduled, he asserts that everything is fine.

I’ve been getting rest, working with a vocal coach, and taking care of [our] sound concerns, the doctor added, by his instructions. Up until now, it’s been good”.

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I once again appreciate your concern,” he said. “The band, the crew, and I ultimately concentrate on giving you, the fans, the best experience we can give you while being the best versions of ourselves that we can be. “Hello from Munich!”.

Guns N’ Roses announced Monday night that the Glasgow concert had been postponed “due to illness and medical advice. ”.

Due to illness and medical advice, GN’R will regretfully be unable to perform in Glasgow, according to the notification. Please hold onto your tickets and keep checking back for more information as we try to find alternate dates for this performance. Thanks for being patient and tolerant with us. ”.

Rose told the London audience on Sunday night that he had just visited the doctor and would change some of the setlists, even though it is unknown what caused the performance to be postponed.

“I, therefore, visited the doctor and finished other tasks. Yes, I did spend the previous night here. He claimed in a video that was posted to Twitter. So, during the songs, I’ll slightly change my vocal style. I hope it’s okay with you. Please let us proceed. ”.

A setback happened after Carrie Underwood joined the band for two impromptu shows on Friday and Saturday nights in London.

Before rejoining the group to finish the performance with “Paradise City,” the country singer sang “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”. ”.