Marlene Clark, who appeared in the films “Slaughter,” “Ganja and Hess,” and “Switchblade Sisters,” died on May 18 at her Los Angeles home.

Deceased was Marlene Clark. Her contributions to Sanford and Son and Ganja & Hess were well-remembered. Aged 85, she was.

According to her friend Tamara Lynch, the actress passed away on May 18 at her home in Los Angeles.

The late actress was “an extraordinary woman,” according to Lynch, and if you had the chance to meet her, you would have immediately noticed that she had grit as her one quality. She was incredibly skinny and had a very small frame. She was so exotic that she almost reminded one of a Black Polynesian. She then started speaking with a deep, resonant voice. When she spoke, her voice had a very imposing quality.

Lynch noted that Clark maintained her work ethic right up until her death.

‘Sanford and Son’ Actress Marlene Clark, Dead at 85: ‘An Extraordinary Woman’

She remarked, “She was tenacious in her love of art, film, and expression. “Up until her death, Marlene would have gone to the audition. Any action would have been taken by her. She belonged to the Hollywood set that was steadfastly traditional, which included actors and performers. You are the one who works. Your arrival. You go home and practice your lines before coming back the next day. ”.

She continued, “And she just raised the bar when Clark walked into the room. ”.

Lynch acknowledges that her friend’s impact on the entertainment industry is still felt, despite the fact that some people may not have been familiar with her.

She remarked, “She’s one of those people who gets lost in the seams. She was a member of the team that broke down these doors, and her actions were unprecedented. The universe was blind. She is beginning each and every action as a result. Thus, by participating in these films alongside these Black directors, actors, and writers, she is promoting this movement. ”.

In one of his most enduring roles, Clark portrayed Janet Lawson, Lamont’s (Demond Wilson) love interest, on Sanford and Son. “RIP beautiful actress Marlene Clark,” Wilson wrote on Twitter in remembrance of the late celebrity. Working with you was an absolute pleasure. ”.

‘Sanford and Son’ Actress Marlene Clark, Dead at 85: ‘An Extraordinary Woman’

Sadly missed, lovely actress Marlene Clark. dot . Working with you was an absolute pleasure. Demond Wilson, @Sanfords_Son, May 23, 2023, 12/19/49 – 5/18/23.

Prior to her role on Sanford and Son, Clark made her acting debut with a small part in the romantic comedy For Love of Ivy, starring Sidney Poitier and Beau Bridges. She was chosen to appear in the Robert Downey Jr. -produced movie Putney Swope as well.

Later, Clark co-starred with Duane Jones in the scary film Ganja & Hess. During a 2011 interview with Temple of Schlock, she discussed her experience producing the film.

“She has a complex personality on so many levels. It was “such a collection of contradictions,” she said, to play Ganga. That part was a lot of fun to play, she said. And it was a pleasure working with Duane. ”.

The New Yorker also made appearances in Slaughter, Switchblade Sisters, Night of the Cobra Woman, The Beast Must Die, Enter the Dragon, Black Mamba, and The Baron, among other movies.

For roles in Head of the Class, Flamingo Road, Highway to Heaven, and Barnaby Jones, Clark made a comeback to television.