The world was graced by Olympia, the adored child of Serena Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian. The power couple is overjoyed to share with their devoted fans that their family is growing once more.

While there is much excitement and anticipation for this pregnancy, it is important to remember that Williams and Ohanian have had some traumatic pregnancies and deliveries in the past.

Olympia’s birth was followed by Williams experiencing a potentially fatal situation. She recently shared on YouTube how her daughter reacted when she learned about her upcoming sibling as she looked back on her journey.

Williams opened the video by jokingly revealing that her child had made a weight-related comment while completely unaware that she was carrying a child.

Serena Williams ‘nearly died’ after giving birth; she discovers her second child and keeps it hidden from her daughter and husband.

Choosing not to dwell on the situation and to instead concentrate on keeping fit, Williams did so in good humor. The YouTube clip that accompanied her pregnancy announcement in 2023 at the prestigious MET Gala displayed her getting ready for the historic occasion.

Williams and Ohanian participated in the festivities with poise at the MET Gala, proudly displaying their growing baby bump. Williams’ second pregnancy has been eagerly anticipated in light of the difficult circumstances surrounding Olympia’s birth.

However, the couple decided to keep their second child’s existence a secret from everyone, even their daughter, who is four years old. They recently clarified the factors influencing this choice.

Olympia was unaware of her impending sibling when Williams told Olympia about her plan to tell her shortly before the MET Gala.

Serena Williams ‘nearly died’ after giving birth; she discovers her second child and keeps it hidden from her daughter and husband.

Williams went on to explain her justification, saying, “She can’t keep a secret, so that’s why I haven’t told her. Thus, it was important that Olympia be a part of the historic announcement, so the timing was carefully considered.

Williams graced the world with the news of her pregnancy when the time was right, donning a specially created Gucci outfit. The tennis champion exclaimed how happy she was to announce this happy news at such an important occasion.

She emphasized the sentimental value of the outfit, picturing a future occasion when she would introduce her newborn child to the world while remembering the night she announced her pregnancy.

Let’s now look at Olympia’s endearing reactions to finding out about her impending sibling. Prior to making the announcement to the general public, Williams and Ohanian decided to tell their daughter.

Serena Williams ‘nearly died’ after giving birth; she discovers her second child and keeps it hidden from her daughter and husband.

The entire family sat down on a plush sofa and had a heart-to-heart talk. Williams gently questioned Olympia about her desire for a younger sibling or sibling. Olympia admitted modestly that she had been asking God for a sibling.

Williams delightedly informed Olympia that she was not gaining weight but rather was carrying her younger sibling following a trip to the doctor. What do you think?” the beaming mother enquired of her daughter.

Olympia, who was overjoyed and eager to embrace the joyful reality, leaped from her seat and into her mother’s warm arms. Olympia was reassured by Williams and Ohanian that they weren’t joking when they said they would further prove their sincerity. The ecstatic child burst into life and bounced around the room in pure delight when she saw her mother’s belly in response.

Ohanian, who was clearly excited, advised Olympia to keep the news of her big sisterhood to herself for just one more day.

He gently explained that Olympia would play a crucial part in helping them once the baby was here. Williams dressed to the nines in a stunning Gucci ensemble and a bevy of pearl necklaces as she impatiently waited.

She expressed her happiness with how everything turned out and emphasized her desire for this priceless moment of her pregnancy announcement to be permanently imprinted in their memories.

Williams openly expressed her hopes for a straightforward journey, even though the impending arrival of their new child brings the family unending joy.

Serena Williams ‘nearly died’ after giving birth; she discovers her second child and keeps it hidden from her daughter and husband.

She acknowledged her prior difficult experiences in the opening moments of her YouTube video as she announced a positive pregnancy test, instilling a sense of cautious optimism.

Speaking of Williams’ first childbirth experience, the tennis legend wrote an essay in 2018 shortly after Olympia was born, detailing her journey. Williams’ poignant composition started off with a sobering admission: “After giving birth to my daughter Olympia, I almost died. ”.

Williams acknowledged the challenges she faced after the birth but was ultimately grateful for her improved health and expressed admiration for her transformative journey.

Olympia’s heart rate slowed down as Williams went into labor, prompting the medical staff to decide that a C-section was necessary. However, Williams was exposed because the situation wasn’t ideal.

Within a day of the family’s lives taking an unexpected turn after the happy news of Olympia’s birth, the family’s life was shaken. Williams has always worried about potential complications because of a history of pulmonary emboli. Unfortunately, her worries came true when she experienced a pulmonary embolism after giving birth to Olympia.

There were more issues with Williams’ health.
In order to treat an abdominal hematoma, she needed additional surgery after her C-section incision reopened as a result of persistent coughing. To stop blood clots from getting to her lungs, she subsequently underwent a different procedure.

During the first six weeks of motherhood, she spent most of her time in bed recovering while away from her family.

Williams acknowledged the crucial assistance she received from medical professionals and their cutting-edge technology in her sincere expression of gratitude.

Without their help, she acknowledged, it would have been extremely difficult to care for her infant. Williams is a fervent supporter of women receiving the same care and assistance during childbirth everywhere, fueled by her personal experiences.

Let us send Ohanian and Williams our best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy that results in the delivery of their newest family member without incident.