After posting a picture of himself dozing in a hospital bed, Shaquille O’Neal alarmed his fans.

The alarming image was posted by the 51-year-old NBA legend late on March 19.

A drip was in his left hand, and he had a blood pressure monitor on his right arm.

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It’s unclear what brought Shaq to the hospital, but his fans sent him their best wishes online.

I always support @TurnerSportsEJ and @Candace Parker because I miss you guys, said Shaq.

One supporter replied, “Big fella, get well soon!! Prayers are being offered right now”.

One more person said, “Big Man, I hope everything is okay”.

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There was a third that was added: “Okay, for those worried about Shaq, he is getting a new hip. Huge dude, take it easy and recover”.

Shaq is one of the most powerful centers in the NBA and a four-time champion.

He transitioned from playing to analysis and is a fan favorite on TNT’s NBA coverage.

The seven-foot-one-inch celebrity has been trying to lose weight, and he showed off his success to fans in late 2016.

And his weight has now decreased from 401 to 365 pounds.

When the timber “came off,” O’Neal detailed on Page Six how he regained his fitness”.

He said: “My friend called to tell me, ‘You’re obese’.

He performed blood work for me, and she gave me his name.

“He kept saying, “You can do this, you can’t do that, [eat] more vegetables, [your] iron’s low.

“As soon as I started adjusting those particular things, it fell.

It all comes down to eating right”.

He was a four-time NBA champion during his playing career.