An 80-Year-Old-Woman Wanda Ritter has a heartbreaking but real story to share.

Wanda has been on the streets for nearly 16 years. He tried to persuade others daily that the government owed him $100,000. Everyone thought she was mad as she walked down the street with three suitcases full of documents and unpaid checks.

Witter had four children and worked as a locksmith. She spent years on the streets of Washington, showing that the social security system was failing her.

old lady


“They felt I was crazy for getting rid of my belongings. “I used to convince myself that if I did something stupid, they’d think I was nuts,” the lady explained.

Julie Turner, a 56-year-old social worker, learned Witter was correct one day after listening to her.

Turner double-checked Wanda’s documentation and discovered that it was all in order.


“She required financial support rather than mental health assistance. “He owed the state $100,000,” Turner noted.


But how did the wife realise there was an issue?

Witter began receiving cheques ranging in value from $300 to $900 every month. When Witter called Social Security to enquire about the differences, they could not respond.


The woman decided not to cash the cheques because she suspected something was amiss with them. “Who would have believed me and then said that I had made a mistake?”

Witter told local media that she is still sceptical but that if she receives the correct check, she will trust the situation will be handled.


Witter was helped find a $ 500 apartment by Julie Turner, a social worker.

A week after the story was publicised in the press, Witter received a Social Security check for $1,644.