A bargain-hunting grandmother was mortified to learn that her 50p Christmas cardigan had two dreadful reindeer on it.

When 53-year-old Carolyn Hallam purchased the knitwear at a car boot sale, she failed to notice the frolicking reindeer on the front.

She was shocked when she tried on her cardigan at home and saw the irksome detail.

She posed in a Christmas sweater and had no idea why everyone was laughing at her

Using her crazy clothing, Abigail, 29, from Nottingham, posted a humorous picture of her mum online.

We enjoy finding great deals at car boot sales, and mum was happy to get a Christmas sweater for 50p last summer, she said.

She grabbed it up and quickly glanced at it before deciding that it would be appropriate to wear to work because it was a Christmas sweater.

She posed in a Christmas sweater and had no idea why everyone was laughing at her

She placed it away till she got home by stuffing it inside her plastic bag.

“We always go through and carefully inspect what we bought from the trunk when we arrive home. Mum held it up because she thought she should examine the pattern more carefully.

She asked enthusiastically, “Do you like my Christmas cardigan?” after putting it on.

I initially didn’t see and responded, “Oh yes, it’s fantastic,” but when she questioned me about the pattern, I started giggling.

Fortunately, the problem was discovered by grandma Carolyn, a primary school teacher, before she arrived at work.

When she realised it was a wicked Christmas jumper, Mum laughed aloud and thought it was wonderful, Abigail said.

Before putting it on for school work, she was relieved to know what was on it.

“When we found out it was rude, she was lot happier with her arrangement!”

For work, Carolyn has a dressier sweater, but she still prefers to don the nasty reindeer cardigan.

Since being posted on social media, the hilarious photos have gotten hundreds of likes.

One man who was unable to locate the scene of the filthy reindeer said, “It took me a minute.”

Another said, “Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious.”

What a priceless moment! Another said, “Thanks for the laugh.”