People were confused when they saw the photo of the young girl posing in a park with her hands in front of her waist. The girl’s legs initially appear long and slim, but this is an optical illusion.

Image 1

When Twitter users looked more closely at the image, they realised the child was holding a bag of popcorn that matched the crooked grass she was standing on, which had initially perplexed them.

Over 250,000 people have shared the picture on Facebook, and more than 37,000 have commented on it, many of whom were baffled by what was happening. Please spread the word about this on Facebook so your friends can see it.

After seeing the image illusion presented here, most people are baffled by this mystery. However, some people were able to identify the solution right away. Others, however, needed help to predict and respond correctly.


We have included an image and the standard solution because this viral optical illusion is tricky to spot. The girl is toting a sizable bag of popcorn, which looks perfect with the withered grass in the background.

If you’re having trouble seeing it, the below solution image should help. The young woman is carrying a ringed popcorn bag.

Image 2

Now that you understand what I’m saying, everything is clear. Her lovely bag of popcorn was in the perfect spot to blend in perfectly with the grass, giving the impression that she had very short legs. She was probably with her family at a fair or event with parking on the grass.

It needs to be clarified that she’s content. Either that, her father told a nasty dad joke, or maybe it was because she wanted to ride the Ferris wheel again as they headed home. So that all your friends can see it, kindly share it on Facebook. Thanks.