With each passing year, Pink has become more open. Currently, the singer posts pictures of herself without hesitation. Her most recent post shows her surfing, and she made a comment about her “thunder thighs.”. To find out more, keep reading!

Pink is a musician who has long been renowned for her powerful vocals. However, the singer has displayed a different side of herself in her Instagram post, which she refers to as her “God-given thunder thighs.”.”.

Singer Pink shares a ‘leggy photo’ of her “thunder thighs” and her fans have some thoughts

The singer uploaded a photo of herself riding a surfboard skillfully into the surf. She simply stated, “I always wondered why God gave me thunder thighs,” in the caption of the post from a few years ago. He did so because he anticipated that I would use them. VIEW MORE.

Vietnam veteran is invited by Pink to the stage, but the audience soon discovers his true identity.

Pink has a good reason for not allowing her young daughter to use a cellphone.

Singer Pink shares a ‘leggy photo’ of her “thunder thighs” and her fans have some thoughts

Pink stops the performance to give a hug to the young girl who read the moving sign.

The singer has long supported body positivity and encouraged women to think beyond their appearance. Her song “Stupid Girls” from 2006 demonstrated how women in society were placing a premium on appearance, and the message tried to inspire them to look beyond the surface and place a greater emphasis on their personalities. .

Look at this Instagram post.


P!NK (@pink) shared a post.

The singer attributes her physical fitness to an hour of cardio and an hour of P90X or yoga. The singer is known for giving powerful performances that include acrobatic elements, which are challenging to execute generally much less when belting out a ballad. The results are obviously fantastic. Many of Pink’s friends remarked on how lovely she appeared when she posted the photo. Pink’s trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, praised the singer’s “beautiful strong legs,” the model Gisele Bundchen expressed her approval, and Karla Welch questioned whether there was anything Pink couldn’t do. The singer has frequently discussed fat-shaming and how the entertainment industry only hires people who are extremely thin. She has put a lot of effort into the past to accept her body as it is. She recalled how uncomfortable she would feel at clothing fittings even when she was “thin.”. However, the singer exclaims with pride, “Now that I’m almost 150 pounds, I look f—king awesome. ” .

Shutterstock The singer has always had a lean body thanks to her gymnastics training between the ages of four and twelve.

Jenkins, the singer’s trainer, explained how the star maintained her fitness by making sure to schedule exercise no matter what. Jenkins stated, “When we first started training she was shooting a movie, recording a new album, learning how to be a new mom, working on getting her body back into top condition so she could give her fans an incredible tour. “Pink is a singer who should not be underestimated. Share this article with the singer’s followers to let them know how resilient she is and how she promotes self-acceptance for everyone.