Families don’t always have to be created; they can occasionally be discovered. This tale demonstrates that solid bonds can form with people even if you are not biologically related to them.

Sometimes, becoming a parent can change a person’s life entirely.

In the 1990s, Jerry Windle, a gay man, lived a lonely life. He never imagined having a child of his own.

However, he once came across an article about a man who had adopted a child from Cambodia in a magazine, and the story gave him hope that he might also be able to have children.

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He called the adoption agency listed in the article and asked if, as a single man, he would be eligible to adopt a child. The agency said yes.

A boy who was 15 years old was in Jerry’s care just a few months later. The young child was a resident of a Cambodian orphanage in Phnom Penh. Jordan, the infant, was infected with intestinal parasites and had scabies. He had multiple infections in addition to being undernourished.

Jerry cared for his son while keeping watch over him. One day, his son would represent his nation and compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

Jordan Windle was the child’s name. He had been living at the orphanage since the age of one because his birth parents had died, and no one was left to care for him.

He blossomed into a talented athlete as he grew older. In the U. He, he has represented America there. S. Olympic Diving Team after finishing second in the Olympic trials.

Jordan recalled how his father was always the loudest supporter at each swim meet and competitive event he took part in. His father could not travel with him to Tokyo for the Olympics due to the limitations mandated by Covid-19.

“I wish he was there, but it doesn’t really alter what I’m going there to do: to have fun, flaunt a little, and put on a show for everyone. That is what I intend to do, and I hope to make him happy in the process,” said Jordan.

Jordan first dazzled Tim O’Brien with his diving prowess when he was seven. According to O’Brien, Jordan possessed the diving prowess of renowned diver Greg Louganis, who told his father. O’Brien revealed that his father had coached Louganis, proving he was an expert in the field.

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Jordan began preparing for his athletic career at that time. He took home the junior national title when he was nine.

Even though he served as a representative for the United States and viewed it as his home, he always retained sight of Cambodia. He is physically covered in tattoos of the Cambodian flag and harbours a deep love for the nation.

At his house, Jerry hosted a viewing party for the Olympics. He said, “It’s disappointing, but at the same time, this is Jordan’s journey, and this is the culmination of it. I want him to enjoy this experience as much as he can. “.

Jordan stated that while diving, he would be thinking of his father.

When people ask why she dives, she replies, “I dive because my dad loves watching me.

“I really wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him making all the sacrifices he has, and his love and support the entire time we’ve been together. He is the reason behind everything I have accomplished. With him, it’s been a fantastic journey, and we’re still going strong,” he added.

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What a touching tale of a family foundation. These kinds of heartwarming stories are our absolute favourites!

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