In 2016, while working at an army base in Iraq, former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch made an unlikely friend. One day, while on duty, Ken spotted a street dog nearby.

However, this was no ordinary stray. The dog, a bold mutt, had the audacity to walk right onto the army post. Ken immediately took a liking to the puppy, and it didn’t take long for Ollie to win over Ken and all of the other soldiers’ hearts.

Ken took Ollie under his wing and raised him as if he was his own. They named him Ollie, and the dog became an integral part of their team.

With Ken and the soldiers, Ollie spent his days on the army post and quickly became a beloved member of the team. His presence brought joy and comfort to all those around him during their time in Iraq.

When Ollie first walked onto the base, Ken was immediately drawn to him. The moment he saw the stray dog, Ken knew he couldn’t let him continue to suffer on the streets. Determined to help, Ken took Ollie under his wing.

Ken made sure Ollie was well-fed and taken care of, and it wasn’t long before he took on the role of Ollie’s master. Ollie was thrilled to have a new best friend and the two formed a strong bond.

As Ollie settled into his new home on the base, he quickly became a beloved member of the team and brought joy and comfort to all those around him. Ken’s decision to take in Ollie turned out to be a life-changing one for both of them.

A Loyal Friend

Ollie was a loyal companion, always waiting for Ken’s return whenever he went on a mission. The moment Ken was back, Ollie would wag his tail excitedly and greet him with enthusiasm.

As Ken explained, Ollie was more than just a pet, he was a morale booster for the entire team. He was always there to welcome them when they returned from their missions, providing comfort and companionship.

Ken and Ollie formed a strong bond over the time they spent together, and Ken made sure to spend as much time as possible with his best friend. As Ollie grew up, their friendship grew stronger and stronger.

Sad Separation

Unfortunately, the day came when Ken had to say goodbye to his best friend. The army base was being shut down, and Ken knew Ollie would lose his friends and be forced to return to the streets. The thought of Ollie’s fate was heartbreaking for Ken.

Ken knew the harsh realities of street life, especially in a country where attitudes towards stray animals were not favorable. He feared that Ollie, a gentle and loving dog, would not survive on the streets. He couldn’t bear the thought of Ollie’s fate, and it was with a heavy heart that Ken had to say goodbye to his loyal companion.

The Only Right Thing

Ken knew that he couldn’t leave his friend behind. He firmly believed in the principle, “You never leave a friend behind.”

“Can’t do it,” Ken told KPIX.

Determined to bring Ollie home, Ken enlisted the help of the SPCA International to raise funds to transport Ollie from Iraq to his home in California.

Their efforts were successful, and in May 2016, thanks to generous donations, Ollie arrived in the USA.

As seen in the video, the reunion between Ken and Ollie was an emotional one. The heartwarming moment captured in the video is sure to bring a tear to your eye. If you haven’t seen the video yet, grab a tissue and watch it now. It’s one of the most heartwarming reunion videos you’ll ever see.

In conclusion

Ken Wyrsch’s story is a heartwarming tale of friendship and devotion. Ken, a former Army Specialist, formed an unlikely bond with a stray dog named Ollie while stationed in Iraq. Despite having to leave Ollie behind when the base was shut down, Ken couldn’t bear the thought of his friend’s fate and worked tirelessly to bring Ollie to the safety of his home in California. Thanks to generous donations, Ollie was able to make the journey and was reunited with Ken in a touching video.

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