On April 12, 30-year-old Newport News, Virginia resident Monique Davaul had the incredible good fortune to give birth to three adorable children.

Before the arrival of her fraternal triplets Jihad, Mielle, and Noelle at the prestigious Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC), Monique’s family of six already included twins.

After delivery, the newborns required specialized care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). However, they made significant progress and were allowed to leave just in time for a significant holiday: Mother’s Day.

There were many expectations along the way to achieving this milestone because each infant was discharged from the hospital at a different time. Earlier in the month, Jihad and Mielle were able to return home, and Noelle completed the trio when she arrived safely on the Friday before the well-known Mother’s Day holiday.

‘Special Moment’: Six-person family in Virginia Welcomes Triplets Years After Having Twin Boys

The road to welcoming triplets began for Monique when she unexpectedly discovered she was eight weeks along while getting ready for her 30th birthday party.

Monique fondly recalls the comments of an intelligent coworker who, when she was initially unaware of the multiple blessings inside her womb, jokedly suggested the possibility of having twins, or perhaps triplets.

She was intrigued by this notion and went to the doctor to find out more about her coworker’s humorous forecast.

Monique called her colleague as soon as she learned the shocking information and yelled, “You were 100% correct! I’m expecting triplets,” because she couldn’t wait to share the wonderful news with her coworker. She needed to contact the place where she had reserved a room for her birthday celebration.

When the doctor told her that she was carrying not one, not two, but three priceless lives, she was astounded.

Monique joyfully announced that instead of a traditional party to celebrate the good news of her expecting triplets, she would host a captivating “gender reveal” event.

Since Monique had previously had the experience of having twins, she was already familiar with the challenges and rewards of multiple pregnancies.

This time, however, she learned that she had experienced morning sickness on multiple occasions, a symptom that could indicate she was expecting a girl or multiple children.
Monique considered her experience and discussed it with Good Morning America.

‘Special Moment’: Six-person family in Virginia Welcomes Triplets Years After Having Twin Boys

When I was sick, I would have intense episodes that would make me feel like I was carrying more than one baby or a girl, she said. When Monique picked up her three boys, including the twins Nasir and Sincere, who were six years old, and her eight-year-old child, they initially thought her announcement of the impending birth of triplets was a lighthearted joke.

However, as soon as they realized the truth, their curiosity grew and they enthusiastically bombarded Monique with questions like, “Mommy, when will the babies arrive?”.

Sincere and Nasir, Monique’s twins, are always willing to lend a hand, and she expressed her gratitude for their support. During her pregnancy, Monique took a leave of absence from work, and for the next four months, she focused on taking care of her growing family.

Regular check-ups were obediently scheduled every two weeks until the terrible moment when her water broke, signaling that it was time for her to welcome her children into the world.

A first for the RRMC was the cesarean delivery of Monique’s triplets, two girls and one boy. Unexpectedly, it was the hospital’s first triplet delivery since 2018. In a statement, the nurses at RRMC expressed their joy and delight.