For a while now, names have been jokingly linked to bad times. Examples include the player Chads, Karens with titles, and the entire list of J names to stay away from. The Ben Stage is a recent relationship fad that should be avoided. ‘.

The Ben Stage is what.

More than one video on TikTok featured the Ben Stage. According to the comments on the video, many women from all over the world have had at least one “Ben stage” relationship in the past. One person said, “My Ben stage put me in therapy. Others have revealed that the Ben stage is real and that it has ruined women. Fortunately, Hayley Quinn, a dating coach, has some knowledge. “We all understand what the ‘Ben stage’ is, and now it has a name. ” She said. Her advice includes information on the Ben stage and methods for ending the cycle.

The Ben stage is essentially “about being stuck dating one unsuitable, and unavailable guy after another,” according to Ben. Women eventually come to the conclusion that they will never find a compatible partner who is willing to commit, and over time they end up lowering their standards. See: Report Finds Women Happier Single. This is why.

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Women Share a Commonality.

Ben is a common name and is probably on the list of men most women have dated, according to Hayley, who explained how the Ben Stage got its name. She added that while the term “the Ben Stage” is new, the typical behaviors that have been connected to it are not. The Ben stage seems to cover a wide range of undesirable behaviors in a partner, including those who seduce you then abruptly vanish. In other words, people who are overly kind and complimentary before abruptly deciding they don’t want to interact with you.

This isn’t actually the case, according to Hayley: “If you’re stuck in the ‘Ben stage,’ you may feel powerless in dating and like you just have to keep suffering disappointment after disappointment. “It’s not always obvious who could be a ‘Ben’ and who could be a guy that will really make you happy,” the author added. “.

Sabrina Bendory, a different relationship expert, chimed in to add some perspective and confess that she, too, had a Ben Stage. “I’ve always referred to the Ben Stage as the ‘damage case phase. When a woman dates an extremely unkind man, that is the problem. “.

Avoid the Ben Stage should be heard.

“If people tell you that he is a player, listen to them,” Sabrina advised. Ben often expresses his lack of desire for a girlfriend honestly, which is the last thing you want to hear. Look at the way he treats you, she says, to know what to watch out for. If he goes all-out on the love bombing, disappears, and then reappears with a great justification that he was too busy to text you, that’s bad. Ben is egotistical; everything is on his terms. Look at the people he associates with. Is every one of his friends a Ben?”.

Desirable characteristics.

Despite the fact that people sometimes leave us feeling abandoned or hurt, there are some positive behaviors that show your partner just might be the one to help you get past the Ben stage.

Honesty. Probably won’t lead you on just to hurt you, an honest and moral person won’t. They will be open and honest about their desires and demands. They also don’t like it when time is wasted, so they won’t waste your time or theirs by playing games.

Sincerity. Men who go above and beyond to compliment women or give gifts are probably doing so to make up for something else. They could be abusive or, worse, emotionally unavailable. Sincerity, on the other hand, demonstrates that, despite the fact that they may just be an ordinary person, they will go to any lengths to ensure your happiness and lessen your suffering.

Confidence. Most likely, each of us has come across a man who simply “doesn’t know what he wants.”. Confident individuals don’t question their decisions or selves. They are usually confident in themselves and the feelings they have expressed as a result. A side note: To avoid encountering narcists, avoid being arrogant.

being gentle or kind-spirited. Everybody makes mistakes, so it’s likely that your partner will say or do something at some point that irritates you. On the other hand, some men may speak to you out of resentment, malice, or gaslighting. In the interim, a decent man will express regret, accept accountability, and seek to do better.

Positivity. There will inevitably be times of frustration because we all have bad days. After all, everyone has to deal with hardships in life, and it can be difficult to avoid taking them personally. However, it’s a clear sign that they won’t ever be satisfied or even happy in your relationship if they never have a positive thing to say about you, themselves, others, or life.

Advice on Self-Preservation.

Be an advocate for yourself and your relationships, according to Hayley, as this will go a long way toward establishing boundaries. It’s important to remember that getting outside or professional help may be your best option if you’re dealing with a risky or abusive partner in order to ensure your safety and mental stability. You are what you attract, says Sabrina. Thus, to attract love tenfold, maintain a positive outlook, respect yourself, and radiate kindness. Continue reading: After learning that they were dating the same man, two women go on a breakup vacation together.