Al Roker’s supporters and loved ones continue to pray for him and think of him while he deals with health challenges.

Due to treatment for blood clots that have migrated to his lungs, the celebrity has missed Today.

The devastating message was delivered by Al Roker’s wife

Al was given permission to spend some time with his family during Thanksgiving, but the following day he was brought to the hospital and is thought to have remained under observation ever since.

Al has also taken a social media vacation, however on Thursday, while he was away, his wife sent a sweet and heartfelt message on Instagram.

The ABC journalist took a picture of New York’s changing foliage and wrote, “very appreciative for the love,” as the caption.

However, earlier that day she had posted a picture of what appeared to be a TV in a hospital room that was broadcasting the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. She made no mention of Al or how he was feeling in that tweet.

His children, Leila, Nick, and Courteney, are also concerned about their father right now. His youngest daughter, Leila, came to Instagram to give an emotional update on the previous month’s events after Page Six and a number of other media sources reported on her father’s admission to the hospital.

She captioned a collection of positive pictures, “November photo dump – the parts of this month that were genuinely nice,” She and her partner were joined by her mother, Deborah, brother, Nick, and sister, Courtney in one of the pictures.

The devastating message was delivered by Al Roker’s wife

Fans shared the following messages after asking how her father was doing: “Hope your dad is feeling and doing well,” “I love you!” Prayers for many happy occasions as well as for your family and your father were added by a third party.

The well-liked host of the Today show had been away from the program for a few weeks owing to health difficulties, but on Thursday, November 24, he made it home in time to spend the holidays with his family.

Less than 24 hours after being released from the hospital, he was transported back there by ambulance, according to Page Six. Nevertheless, he did not resume his hosting duties that following week, nor did he do so anytime soon.

The couple’s wife Deborah was accused of hurriedly following her husband’s ambulance from their Upper East Side home back to the hospital.