We’ve all heard about the Oscar incident in 2022 when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after he made a joke about Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s health.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have two children, Willow and Jaden, and have been married since 1977. Even though they share an odd relationship, the two are close and encourage each other.

Will Smith couldn’t stop joking that Chris Rock was making fun of his wife’s illness, which is why he reacted furiously. He took the stage and slapped Chris Rock in front of the entire audience. Will undoubtedly assumed that the joke would affect Jada, whose emotional state was already compromised by the disease.

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What was the punchline to Chris Rock’s joke? He expressed excitement about seeing Jada Pinkett Smith in “G.I. Jane 2,” referring to the actress’ shaved head. That was when Will Smith took the stage, saying,” Don’t put my wife’s name in your filthy lips! “.

However, Chris Rock remained calm to avoid a larger feud with Will Smith, so he did what he did best, jokingly, stating, “Will Smith just hit me hard!” and concluded, “This was the hottest night in television history.”

The general populace is divided. Some believe Will Smith did the right thing, while others think he did the wrong something.

However, even if we want to express something in jest, we should exercise caution because our words might impact others without our knowledge.

Everyone has challenges in life that we are unaware of. Therefore, we must exercise caution when we speak.

Certainly, Jada is dealing with her illness and attempting to find peace and accept her circumstance, but it is a complex and lengthy process.

Both Chris and Will probably need to be corrected, and this awkward circumstance should never have occurred, especially for Jada, the source of the argument. Jada Pinkett Smith has a rare autoimmune illness that has led her to lose her hair completely. It is undoubtedly tough to live with this disease, particularly in a world where women are judged based on appearance. Anyone who follows Jada on social media knows she uses turbans to conceal the effects of her sickness.

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Jada stated that she was in the shower at one point and was left with a significant amount of hair in her fingers.

This would be not very comforting for anyone, but especially for a woman.

She stated that her hair began to fall out more and more, which concerned her. Hair loss is complex and can have an emotional impact.

Jada stated that while she is still afraid of her illness, she is learning to embrace it and seeking solutions that will make her feel more comfortable in her skin. She is inspired by other women who are in the same circumstances as her but lack the support and resources to mitigate the impacts of the sickness. She also believes that there are women who face far worse adversities, such as cancer or the death of a child, which is why she tries to be grateful for what she has and not let her issues overwhelm her. She recognises those women’s strengths and applies the power of example in her life.