The actress and her ex-husband Tom Cruise have a child together.

Katie Holmes raised her adolescent daughter Suri successfully and comfortably in New York, out of the public eye.

However, Katie and Tom Cruise’s daughter will no longer be a child when she turns 17 the following month.

On April 16, Suri will celebrate her last birthday before turning 18.

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In a year, Katie’s only child will turn 18; just yesterday, she and the Top Gun actor welcomed her into the world.

It will be a difficult time for Katie because she is so proud of her daughter and their bond.

The Dawson’s Creek actress opened up on Live with Kelly and Ryan this week about living in New York City with Suri, despite her general reluctance to discuss specifics about their private lives.

She said, expressing her desire to go to Central Park, “It’s wonderful because there are signs of spring.”. “I just want to walk and visit the MoMA.

“A lot is going on in New York, especially in the wake of the pandemic. You now want to see every show after experiencing the city’s closure and seeing it happen.

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Suri has a beautiful singing voice and seems to be following in her mother’s performing career. She sang the Alone Together opening credits.

Katie told Yahoo! Entertainment of her daughter’s performance in the movie, “She’s very talented.”. She promised to do it, and she did, so I just let her go.

The single mother’s response, when asked why she selected Suri for the position, was, “I always want the best level of talent. I, therefore, asked for her. “.

In 2021, Katie provided another, an incredibly rare glimpse into her relationship with Suri by telling InStyle, “I love her so much. To help her develop her distinct personality has always been my main objective. to make sure she is totally capable, powerful, and herself. also to be conscious of it. ”.

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Suri is estranged from her father and lives with Katie full-time.