A father with a rare, untreatable form of cancer has made a heartbreaking list of promises to his infant son.

After having trouble properly swallowing his food, Paul Hill, 36, was found to have advanced diffused stomach cancer.

Compiling a list of donations for his 17-month-old son George, Paul of Willerby, East Yorkshire, has demonstrated his determination to overcome the illness.

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According to Hull Live, these obligations include being there for George’s school starts and finishes, taking him to his first bar experience, helping him move into his own home, and letting Paul experience becoming a grandparent.

Twelve weeks prior, Paul had experienced difficulty swallowing his food and was given medication for acid reflux.

As his condition worsened, he experienced excruciating pain with each swallow and could not finish a bowl of oatmeal in under an hour.

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Eight weeks ago, Paul and his wife Jessica decided to pay for private tests because they couldn’t wait any longer to learn what was happening with their young family.

Later on, they learned that they had advanced, widely disseminated stomach cancer.

According to Jessica’s research, his cancer has reportedly been present for about five years.

Only a few months ago, he started spitting up after meals, having trouble swallowing, and finding eating unpleasant.

“We paid to go private because we couldn’t wait for the tests to be performed on the NHS. They informed us of the cancer’s spread from his stomach lining to his gastroesophageal junction and pancreas at that point. “.

Paul could have removed his stomach if the condition had been detected earlier, but because he had no symptoms and was too young to be checked for stomach cancer, it went undetected and spread.

Paul has been invited to participate in a five-year clinical study in the UK where others with the same disease will receive immunotherapy.

Only 50% of the patients will receive immunotherapy, though.

Medical experts believe the treatment may one day replace chemotherapy and be applied statewide.

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Since Jessica’s JustGiving page went live a few days ago, more than £3,000 has been collected.

When Jessica first got cancer three months ago, she had no idea how it could affect her and her close friends and family. But as I sit here at night, I am overcome by a dread I would never wish on anyone. My Paul has committed to several duties, and his family and I will do every can power to help him carry them out. “.

“Five years is a long time to wait. All of the funds we’ve raised will go directly toward stomach cancer research if Paul is accepted into the immunotherapy study in the UK. “.

“If he doesn’t, we’ll have to fly him to America for medical care. He needs to see his infant son grow up because he promised to spend his golden years with me. “.

“The goal of this fundraiser is to raise funds for cancer research by increasing cancer awareness and, ideally, notoriety. “.