Queen Elizabeth II’s terrible illness. Prince Harry did not learn the details until just before the event. The late sovereign was well aware that her time on earth was numbered. She was diagnosed with a severe medical condition that she could not continue to fight. The drugs would, at most, prolong her life by two or three years.

Shocking claims have been made by a royal novelist who was Queen Elizabeth II’s life partner. Gyles Brandreth is alleged to have received permission from the British Royal Family members to discuss the illness that killed the ruler of London in one of his novels.

According to other media sources, the medical condition was known to the British Royal Family, according to sources in other media. A bone marrow cancer diagnosis was made for Queen Elizabeth II. This was frequently accompanied by bone discomfort, which is why her “mobility issues” in the last year of her life were mentioned.
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In his book, author Gyles Brandreth claimed that Queen Elizabeth II had already come to terms with the fact that she was going to die. She could, at most, receive therapies that would extend her life by two or three years. But no amount of medical intervention could save her.

“We discovered that the Queen had a specific form of myeloma, bone marrow cancer, which would account for her fatigue, weight loss, and the mobility problems she’s been complaining about for the past year. “.

The most common myeloma symptom is bone pain. Particularly vulnerable areas include the lower back and pelvis. The elderly are the main demographic that multiple myeloma affects.

As of right now, no cure is known. However, the severity of symptoms can be reduced with treatment, including drugs that support immune system control and guard against bone thinning.

Gyles Brandreth, a royal author, stated in his book that it “can extend the patient’s life by several months or two to three years.”.

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The Queen’s medical conditions were unknown to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The sovereign would have preferred this. The late king/queen wanted the Royal Family to handle this detail and reveal it at the right time and in the right way.

As a result, the late Queen Elizabeth II would have approved of the information being revealed in author Gyles Brandreth’s book. All to avoid the biography of Prince Harry starting with the facts.

According to the message, Gyles (Brandreth – ed.) allegedly sent me a telegram today. ) had permission from the royal family to mention the Queen’s illness in his book. To make sure that it wouldn’t be breaking news if Harry put it in Spare, this was done. That was pretty clever.

The To Di For Daily podcast’s creator and host, Kinsey Schofield, asserted that this took place because the royal family wanted to control how this information was made public.