Malia Obama was only ten years old when her father, Barack Obama, became the 44th President of the United States of America, and the family moved into The White House. The first American president’s child, Malia Obama, was born in 1984.

Since then, the oldest child of Barack and Michelle Obama has accomplished a lot, and at the age of 24, she has successfully established a career as a screenwriter.

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Both her intellectual and stylistic skills have grown throughout the years. She used to be a timid little girl who clung to her father’s hand and wore dresses and ribbons, but now she was an adult with waist-length braids and was comfortable in her own unique colourful and casual style.

The last time Malia was seen in public was in New York with her alleged lover, Dawit Eklund.

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The former Harvard student hid her identity by donning an oversized denim shirt and loose-fitting white pants.

As the two strolled through the congested streets of New York City, she appeared calm and collected due to the dark sunglasses she was sporting.

Malia seems at ease and confident as she enters a new stage of her life. Sasha, her sister, has enrolled at USC and is currently working as a scriptwriter for one of Donald Glover’s Amazon projects.

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Sasha moved in with Malia after she had lived in Los Angeles for a few months, and the two girls are now residing in Brentwood, a neighbourhood near the college where Sasha is enrolled. Malia arrived in Los Angeles first.

Barack and Michelle are incredibly proud of their children, and earlier this year, on Malia’s 24th birthday, her mother sent her a heartfelt letter that offered some insight into her personality. Both Barack and Michelle are very proud of their children.

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She posted on Instagram that “your amazing spirit joined our world 24 years ago, making this day even more precious.”.

“I am so proud of the mature, compassionate, and determined young lady you have become. Your Mother, you have my utmost love, and I adore you.

Obama also expressed his gratitude to Malia on his personal Instagram page by posting a photo of his lovely oldest daughter as a baby with the caption.

“Happy birthday, Malia! No matter how old you get, what you do with your life, how gorgeous you look, or how gracious you are, you will always be my little daughter,” her mother said. Please be assured that no matter what happens, I will never leave your side. “.