Have you heard about Hang Mioku? She was a regular girl who dreamed of conquering the world alongside famous models and singers. However, she is more well-known to the world now because she was harmed and made a terrible error that caused lasting damage to her face.

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world that values appearance.

Beauty standards have been increasingly harsh over time.

Some, if not most, beauty conceptions can have serious consequences, particularly for young people.

Most people are concerned with their appearance and use a lot of makeup. Unfortunately, Hang Mioku went too far. She is a tragic example of someone being obsessed with plastic surgery.

But we need to go back to her childhood to understand how she ended up in this scenario where so many photographs of her go viral and spread like wildfire worldwide.

Hang was born on July 8, 1963, in South Korea. We don’t know much about her youth, but we do know that she didn’t want to go to university and instead wanted to work in the entertainment sector.

Hang had a modelling career in the 1980s and could be seen in commercials. She was also a vocalist, but her focus was on her beauty; however, because of her modelling profession, she gave more attention to her appearance.

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Hang looks like a pretty young woman in previous images, with long dark hair, stunning dark eyes, and an enticing smile. However, she was unhappy with her appearance and underwent her first surgery at 28. It became addictive to her at that point, and she began undergoing more surgery.

Her first procedure was done in South Korea, which has the world’s highest rate of cosmetic surgery. The capital of Seoul is known as the “plastic surgery capital of the globe.” In Seoul’s Gangnam district alone, there are 500 aesthetic centres.

Hang was influenced by the “boom” in plastic surgery in South Korea since she grew up in a very competitive world where individuals from Seoul are crowded together. People continually compare themselves to one another, which is one of the reasons plastic surgery has become so popular in the country.

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Hang, on the other hand, relocated to Japan after her initial surgery in Korea.

She kept putting the knife down, but things went wrong in the interim.

Several of her facial treatments failed poorly, resulting in a dramatic alteration in her appearance.

When she went home to see her parents, they didn’t recognise her.

Hang’s parents saw something wrong and took her to the hospital, where she received the care required.

She most certainly suffered from mental illness and had treatment but was forced to discontinue when her family couldn’t afford it. She instead returned to the operating room for additional cosmetic surgery.

Despite her complexion and face being a catastrophe, Hang wanted to have even more cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, because most doctors could tell she wasn’t feeling well, she had difficulties finding a plastic surgeon who would take her on. She did, however, find someone who offered her a bottle of black-market silicone and was advised by the “doctor” that she could inject the silicone herself, which she did with horrific effects.

Hang’s home-cooked experience didn’t end there. When she ran out of silicone and money, she discovered she could use cooking oil on her face, which was a horrible error. Hang was completely unrecognisable once the oil was injected into her face.


Hang sought medical attention after receiving increasing attention. She got numerous donations and eventually paid for some required surgeries. In 2008, physicians removed 60 grammes from her face and 200 grammes from her neck.

Despite ten surgeries, Hang still bears scars and is significantly disfigured. According to the Daily Mail, her present job is at The Beautiful Shop, a recycled clothing company.

Hang hasn’t been in the news in a long time, so finding out how she’s doing or feeling right now is difficult. She last used social media a few years ago.

Even though she caused this to herself, we still feel terrible for her. It’s an internal struggle, similar to those who binge, hunger, cut, or use drugs. Only the consequences are visible.

We hope Hang feels a lot better today!