There are a lot of stray dogs in this world, either because their owners have abandoned them or because they have always been strays. Sadly, despite the fact that they frequently end up in shelters, not all of these dogs can be given a home. Since there isn’t always enough time or money, pets are frequently put to sleep. My heart is torn apart.

Tracy Whyatt, a dog lover from Texas, has the same opinion. She decided to take action after growing weary of hearing or seeing so many abandoned animals. She and her husband, Scott, started visiting various shelters in Texas. They saved the poor dogs who were destined to die by finding them homes across the country.

The new owners are in awe when the trailer’s doors are opened with dogs meant to be put to sleep.

After that, they started a company called Tracy’s Pets to save as many abandoned pets as they could. Tracy and Scott have so far helped 3,700 dogs find owners and homes. who would not be alive today if they had been dogs.

You can see it in the HooplaHa – Only Good News video down below. The looks on these families’ faces when they first meet their new dogs melt our hearts. One of the Facebook remarks about the video is shown below:.

The new owners are in awe when the trailer’s doors are opened with dogs meant to be put to sleep.

I wept with joy for the majority of this video because I’ve never seen so many adorable dogs find new homes on the same day. The majority of dogs seemed to be aware that they would no longer have to worry because they were finally going home to their forever family. I find it difficult to imagine that without your help, these dogs wouldn’t still be here. This was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen lately.

The movie is this one. This is so sweet, try to contain your tears.

For more information about Tracy’s Dogs and how to adopt a dog for yourself, kindly visit their website.

Tracy is a hero who earns a living by saving lives. Please spread the word to your friends. This might persuade individuals to adopt a dog as opposed to purchasing one.