Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis’s longtime friend and fellow actor, is providing a rare update on his health months after he announced his retirement due to health difficulties and aphasia.

In an interview, Stallone said the following about Bruce Willis.

“Bruce is going through some extremely trying times. As a result, he has remained largely unreachable. That irritates me. It’s heartbreaking.”

On August 30, Bruce Willis’ wife, model Emma Heming Willis, spoke out about the event. Bruce’s acting career was announced to be over only a few months ago.


Willis revealed that he was just diagnosed with aphasia. “To Bruce’s tremendous following, as a family, we wanted to convey that our dear Bruce has been suffering some health concerns and has just been diagnosed with aphasia, which is limiting his cognitive abilities,” Willis and his family said in their original message.



Emma has shared bits and pieces of their summer since his announcement. It held many happy memories for my family and me.

On the other hand, Emma’s most recent Instagram post revealed her vulnerability to her fans. Emma opened up about her loss experiences while watching a video montage of the previous summer.

Throughout the film, Emma is seen working out, playing tennis, riding, gardening, doing housework, and painting. “Finding new things, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and staying active this summer was the summer of self-discovery,” she continued.

“My sadness frequently paralyses me, but I’m learning to live with it. Grief is the most profound and pure expression of love, according to my stepdaughter @scoutlaruewillis. I hope this provides you some solace.”

Scout, Bruce’s ex-wife Demi Moore’s daughter, commented on the video, writing, “This is so awesome! I admire you and am so proud of you.” Other people also shared their experiences with grief. “Grief will drive you to move mountains when you can barely leap hurdles,” warned another.

It is the cohabitation of the past and the present. You move onward. You really should. “Your powerful example inspires your precious children. And my darling, you have incredible strength. We’ll keep praying as long as you keep moving forward.”

Emma also shared a video of Bruce and a friend performing music. Despite his health problems, Bruce still plays the harmonica like no other.

Emma posted her message on National Grief Awareness Day.