According to reports, Austin Lee Russell, the Pawn Stars actor better known to fans as Chumlee, is prepared to take a plea deal for the drug- and weapon-related charges that resulted from a police raid on his Las Vegas home in March.

According to rumours, Russell has consented to confess to having marijuana and a controlled substance. In addition, he will enter a guilty plea to the less serious charge of trying to possess a firearm illegally. If the plea deal is accepted, Russell could serve up to five years in jail.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Russell plans to enter a guilty plea to one count of attempting to possess a controlled substance.

As part of the plea agreement, a second felony weapon charge will be upheld.

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Russell must surrender the weapons and drugs the police allegedly found on his property and the three years of probation. He also needs to be treated.

Police detained Russell on March 9 after finding 12 firearms, a kilogram of marijuana, and a small amount of methamphetamine. After visiting Russell’s home, the police conducted a sexual assault investigation.

Fox News reports that the criminal case against 33-year-old Russell will be dropped if he continues to be trouble-free. If that happens, he might spend two to five years in prison. Despite posting a $62,000 bail, he was never charged in the sexual assault case.

Press reports that Russell will appear in court to make his case. Additionally, the police discovered Xanax prescription pills in Russell’s home.

The legality of the search will be judged in court, according to a statement from Russell’s attorney, David Chesnoff, who will also review the facts. Austin Russell said, “We both have a strong faith in the law and are confident that the case will be resolved fairly.

Russell, 33, was taken into custody after a police raid on his Las Vegas home. Russell wasn’t charged even though the invasion was associated with a probe into a sexual assault. Despite this, he was accused of drug possession and having 19 weapons. He was given the authorisation to go after posting the bond.

Russell was said to have a reputation for throwing wild parties. SeveThe insider reportedly owned several weaponso also frequently used drugs.

The History Channel hasn’t commented on the matter, but the network that broadcasts Pawn Stars said last week that they are simply letting the legal system play out for now.