It is common knowledge that child stars lead complicated lives. But nobody really gives the parents of these stars much thought, despite their hectic schedules, which often involve juggling school with auditions, performances, and other commitments. Thankfully, Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette has written a memoir about her early years. She has risen from the ashes after suffering heartbreak and abuse, and her boy has been by her side the entire time.

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Pattie Mallette’s early years.

Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, has experienced many hardships in her life. She was raised by a single parent after being born on April 2, 1975 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Diane, her mother, raised her. Pattie’s father abandoned their family when she was only two years old.

Pattie’s early years were not without difficulty, though. She suffered sexual abuse when she was just three years old, a traumatic event that would have a significant impact on her life. As she grew older, she started using drugs to numb her pain because the abuse left her struggling with shame and guilt. Her self-evaluation was influenced by that kind of trauma. Most of her life, she carried shame with her. She said on the TODAY show, “I’ve learned it’s normal and natural for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse to carry that shame and that blame and feel like there’s something wrong with you.

Bad things happened.

Pattie Mallette was a disobedient teen. She started smoking marijuana and drinking, all under the influence of a notoriously bad crowd. They also had a reputation for shoplifting. She was out drinking when she was 15 and was sexually assaulted on a date. She lost her virginity in this way. She had reached her lowest point at this point and had attempted suicide. She spent the next 19 days in a mental hospital. She met the pastor she now refers to as her “spiritual dad” while she was being treated for her mental illness. He was the person who ignited a change in her life. “.

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The father of Justin Bieber was then introduced to Pattie Mallette. They dated intermittently for four years before she finally let him go because the majority of their relationship was not exactly healthy. When she was 17 years old, she became pregnant with Jeremy’s child. She was strongly advised by many people to have an abortion, but she declined. “When I became pregnant, I simply thought, “Whoa, now that I’m in charge of another life, I really need to get my act together. At the age of 37, she said, “I feel like I didn’t deserve to have the most amazing child that I have because of my past. We are where we are now thanks to God’s amazing grace and mercy, almost in spite of me. “.

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Religion and Pattie Mallette.

As was previously mentioned, Pattie made contact with a pastor while she was a patient at the mental health facility. She expressed gratitude in her writing for her faith. She admits that a connection wasn’t as obvious as some people might have thought it to be, though. The path to faith was rocky for Justin Bieber’s mother, with many highs and lows. It’s unquestionably a lifelong process, she said. My spiritual journey has not been wrapped up in a tidy bow. It’s a little messy, raw, and real, but that’s how it was for me. I don’t necessarily preach or instruct people on how to live their lives when I share my faith. I’m simply sharing what helped me through my experience. “.

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Her son Justin Bieber was one thing in which she had unwavering faith. They have always been very close, and they have a special bond with her son that many mothers would envy but few could fully comprehend. For as long as she could, she tried to keep him away from her past. However, as he grew older, she realized that she would have to be the one to share her past traumas with him. I held off on telling him about my experience until he was around 12-years-old, she claims. The first time he heard it, he cried a little. It provided a venue for some conversation. We discussed the problems and came up with kid-friendly terminology for adult problems. Continue reading to learn how Heath Ledger’s co-stars donated their salaries to his 2-year-old daughter despite the fact that he did not remember her in his will.